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Cloud With Me is a Game Changer

Neil Patel

“There is a lot of complexity getting servers set up, so making AWS easier is certainly a nice thing" 

Robert Scoble "Scobleizer"

" provides an intuitive dashboard to help customers choose options for their AWS servers and get started in the cloud without interrupting ongoing business processes, so can avoid wasting time and resources on the details."

David Ramel - AWS Insider

"To reduce the complexity involved in creating and maintaining AWS servers, has created a service to make the whole process easier, especially for smaller organisations."

Spandas Lui - Lifehacker

"Even if you only want to set up a basic WordPress install on a single machine, getting started with the AWS Management Console can be daunting. reduces this process to just a few clicks."

Frederic Lardinois - TechCrunch

AWS Hosting

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Azure Hosting

Hosted by Azure

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Customer Testimonial
Using I was able to setup a couple of instances with FTP, MySql and email server in minutes using there interface. Spending couple of dollars saving me hours of work.
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When using you can be confident that your payment is safe and secure.
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Money Back Guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied, simply contact us within 30 days for a full refund!
AWS adoption made-easy by Cloud with me

AWS/Azure adoption made-easy by Cloud With Me

Upgrading your infrastructure is cumbersome and costly. It takes your mind, time and money away from what you do best, but delaying it will eventually paralyze your business growth. is a user friendly solution that is simple to operate and manage, making it really easy to upgrade your infrastructure to AWS or Azure and boost your business.
Ensuring uptime and speed
Removing budget constraints
Requiring no technical know-how

How to get started

To get started you need to follow three simple steps to connect your online business to AWS/Azure:
Connect Domain
Enter your domain
Create FTP Accounts
Choose where you want your server hosted
Install CMS
Select your server type
You can also select some add-ons, depending on the needs of your business, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc. Once you have done that, we get working in the background and within 10 minutes, you’re live and ready to go! Cloud With Me works within all budgets with different plans and levels to choose from.
Upgrade your infrastructure without breaking your budget.

Upgrade your infrastructure without breaking your budget.

Designed and developed to fit the needs of a growing business, simplifies AWS/Azure adoption, with a fully automated solution that enables you to focus on your core business.

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