Best Web Hosting Services of 2020

Whether you want to reach more people with your ideas or to ensure that your business has an online presence, creating and maintaining a website has become a commonplace.

Between your morning coffee and the first meeting of the day, you may very well manage plugins, post new content, or catch up with your web developer(s). Where there is demand, you can be certain that business-savvy people will try to get in on the action.

We now have so many hosting services that it’s become a full day’s work to simply distinguish between them and find one that best suits your needs. To make things easier, we’ve made a short list of the best hosting services of 2020.

Google Cloud

Google is at the forefront of investing and developing new Internet technologies, so you can expect their services to only get better with time. In terms of value purchases, the Google Cloud Platform offers the best possible price on the market for the features you get.

Aside from top-performing infrastructure and state of the art security, your web architecture can scale based on your website’s demands with GCP. During periods of peak traffic, their algorithms increase your resource availability exactly when you need it the most and not a minute later.

Google Cloud’s minute-level billing system is also cost-effective. The live migration of virtual machines works both ways, so you can be sure resources will be scaled back when traffic subsides. In other words, you only pay for exactly as many resources as you use.

Free $300 Trial
21 Server Locations and Counting
Proprietary Hosting Panel
Google CDN Included
No Premium Support
Google Cloud Cloud Hosting
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Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean may not have access to the same money that Amazon, Alphabet, or Microsoft funnel into their services, but they have outpaced many of the latter in terms of client growth. Their recipe for success? Low prices, reliable servers, and straightforward cloud architecture.

With an uptime of 99.99%, they’re one of the most reliable web hosting providers out there. Their Droplets (resizable, SSD-based virtual machines) ensure that your computing platform can scale easily alongside your business. For developers, this means that tedious installation processes are no longer a problem – you can skip right to project deployment.

As with Google, you only pay for the cloud resources that you use. Most professionals have taken a liking to Digital Ocean due to outstanding server response times, shared private networking, and floating IP addresses.

Free $300 Trial
CDN Included
Reliable, High-performing Network
No Premium Support
No Free Site Migration
DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting
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Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is possibly one of the most underrated web hosting services currently on the market. It’s also the least known internationally, as their main demographic is comprised of Asian users. Unlike many companies that lure customers in with attractive offers and then pile on endless options for one-time costs, Alibaba has a straightforward payment plan.

If you’re looking for an affordable web host that can help you capitalize on the advantages of cloud hosting, this is it. There isn’t any downtime to speak of, while their data boasts a 99.99% readability rate.

Alibaba’s network performance holds its ground when compared to Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. In the future, we’re likely to hear a lot more from them.

Reliable Infrastructure
Simple Payment Plan
Free Trial for Over 16 Products
Limited Storage Options
Only Two Data Centres
Alibaba Cloud Hosting
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Amazon is one of the titans of the cloud hosting industry. They achieved this status with an impeccable Infrastructure-as-a-Service offer, while sweeping many businesses off their feet with a plethora of features. In fact, there are so many proprietary and third-party options included in the offer that you’ll be hypnotized just browsing through them.

From data warehouses to devices that can help you easily migrate petabytes of storage in and out of AWS in record times (Snowball), machine learning, and artificial intelligence, chances are that AWS has everything you can think of, plus the things you haven’t begun to imagine just yet.

AWS is credited to be an industry leader of the pay-as-you-go computing model, which made it possible for many businesses to scale their services according to their needs and cut down on their overheads immensely.

Free $300 Trial
Complimentary Hosting Panel
CDN Included
Low traffic bandwidth Limits
AWS Cloud Hosting
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If there’s one thing that Microsoft does well, it’s convincing other businesses to use Azure as their primary cloud computing solution. Statistics indicate that 95% of Fortune 500 companies currently use Azure and, to its credit, the service is good at certain things. For example, Microsoft’s cloud network spans over 54 regions and 140 countries, more than any other provider.

While there aren’t many beginner-friendly tools to rely on, Azure is pretty much a one-stop-shop for cloud computing. Like AWS, the service is geared towards companies that have an IT department and a team of system administrators on call.

The good news is that even non-technical users can ultimately learn to navigate Azure’s services with the help of the Microsoft Learn platform.

Free $200 Trial
Thorough Knowledge Centre
Highly Secure Infrastructure
Not Geared Towards Beginners or Individuals
Average Server Response Time
Azure Cloud Hosting
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