Amazon is one of the titans of the cloud hosting industry. They achieved this status with an impeccable Infrastructure-as-a-Service offer, while sweeping many businesses off their feet with a plethora of features. In fact, there are so many proprietary and third-party options included in the offer that you’ll be hypnotized just browsing through them.

From data warehouses to devices that can help you easily migrate petabytes of storage in and out of AWS in record times (Snowball), machine learning, and artificial intelligence, chances are that AWS has everything you can think of, plus the things you haven’t begun to imagine just yet.

AWS is credited to be an industry leader of the pay-as-you-go computing model, which made it possible for many businesses to scale their services according to their needs and cut down on their overheads immensely.

AWS Pros & Cons

Free $300 Trial
Complimentary Hosting Panel
Low Traffic Bandwidth Limits
AWS Cloud Hosting