Google Cloud

Google is at the forefront of investing and developing new Internet technologies, so you can expect their services to only get better with time. In terms of value purchases, the Google Cloud Platform offers the best possible price on the market for the features you get.

Aside from top-performing infrastructure and state of the art security, your web architecture can scale based on your website’s demands with GCP. During periods of peak traffic, their algorithms increase your resource availability exactly when you need it the most and not a minute later.

Google Cloud’s minute-level billing system is also cost-effective. The live migration of virtual machines works both ways, so you can be sure resources will be scaled back when traffic subsides. In other words, you only pay for exactly as many resources as you use.

Google Cloud Pros & Cons

Free $300 Trial
21 Server Locations and Counting
Proprietary Hosting Panel
Google CDN Included
No Premium Support
Google Cloud Cloud Hosting