5 Smart Ways to Use Webinars as a Marketing Strategy

Friday, May 22, 2020

Do you know how webinars can help drive customers to your business?

It’s a constant process for businesses and one that marketers devote their entire work days towards. What is the best way to get new business? There are multiple strategies and channels to pursue depending on your organisation. This could be direct sales, email, paid social, seo, radio, or many others. However, one avenue that is not always fully explored is Webinars.

Particularly at the moment, when much of the world is locked down and having to socially distance, businesses are having to explore every option of finding new customers. If implemented correctly, webinars are extremely effective at bringing your business in front of a new audience. Alongside this, they are great at generating qualified leads.

What is a webinar?

Before the internet, a webinar wasn’t a thing. The term is a combination of ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. Basically, it’s an online presentation and discussion given by a person or organisation to a group of people about an area of expertise. The purpose of a webinar can be quite varied, from training, industry updates, and debates to anything else in between.

What type of businesses should consider using webinars?

If done correctly, most businesses would be able to garnish value from conducting a webinar. Whether your target market is business to business, business to customer, software as a service, or a platform provider, there are ways to structure a webinar depending on who you are trying to reach.

Below, we will cover some of the vital areas to review to get the maximum possible results from your webinar. Before that, the first step you must take is to create a landing page for the webinar on your website. This page is where you will capture leads through email sign ups.

How to use webinars in your marketing strategy

Know your audience

You want your webinar to provide actual worth to customers and leads. If it doesn’t, people won’t attend. Are there any recurring problems or topics that are a good source for discussion? There are two routes to go with this, create a webinar on an extremely relevant, hot topic which could gain more attendees immediately. Or do you create a webinar that is more evergreen, that people will return to over a long period of time. The answer to this will very much depend on your business and the marketing strategy you are following.

Secondly, you want to present yourself as an expert in your field, so make sure the topic is something you can lead a webinar on confidently.

Don’t forget emails

To get the most out of marketing with a webinar, you need to collect emails. This will allow you to follow up with attendees and be able to market to them through other channels, moving them further down a sales funnel towards conversion. To see your webinar, a user should first have to gain access by inputting their email.

Use partners and affiliates to build attendees

It’s a nerve wracking situation when you set up an event, will enough people attend? If this is a concern, particularly for the first few webinars you create, consider using a partnership with another brand to bring your organisation to a new audience.

Create follow up webinars

Sometimes, the webinar will not go into much detail about your business and its offering. For people who are wanting to learn more after your webinar is complete, there is the option of creating a second webinar. In this, you’ll go into more detail about what your business does, its products, and its services. These are sometimes known as ‘deminars’ and can be a great way of converting people who are near to a purchase.

Create supporting content

A lot of time and resources will go into creating your webinar. Don’t let this effort go to waste, the content you work on can be repurposed into other forms and used to reach potential customers in new ways. The event information can be broken down into smaller sections that you then push out through other digital channels.

Webinars can be extremely effective ways of generating clients. The key to success is making sure you provide information about a topic that is of real value to customers. With their interest, it becomes easier to enter into a sales funnel and move a person closer towards conversion. Particularly at the moment with the Covid-19 Pandemic,, digital marketing is even more valuable for businesses, using webinars in your strategy should certainly be looked into closely.