5G Cloud Gaming

Saturday, February 13, 2021
5G Cloud Gaming

We’ve talked about cloud gaming a lot here. However, we’ve never touched on another new technology that has a lot of potential to impact cloud gaming. This is 5G. This article will go into more detail about 5G and cloud gaming, as well as speculate on what the future holds for the two technologies.

So if you’re interested to find out more about 5G cloud gaming, read the article below.

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming is fast taking over the gaming industry as the new way to play your video games. In the past, and still to this day, people have to pay a large upfront cost to buy a console or PC gaming rig in order to play their video games. Although the models vary, with cloud gaming, this requirement is no longer a complete necessity. Instead a gamer is able to pay a much lower subscription fee and play their favourite games at a much lower startup cost. 

The reason a player doesn’t need to buy a console or PC to play their games is because technology has improved so much that a player doesn't need processing hardware right next to them to play their games. A video game needs a lot of data processing to run well, in the past this could only be done by hardware near the gamer. 

However, with cloud gaming, this processing is done in a remote location by a powerful server. The actions the gamer takes is sent via the internet to the server, the server then processes this information and sends back the game’s reactions via the internet as well.

What is 5G?

5G is the newest evolution of wireless technology. It comes after previous iterations such as 3G and 4G, which if you have a smartphone you are probably quite aware of already. 3G allowed smartphones to function as they needed to, whereas 4G created an improved experience. This meant faster browsing and downloads, making the internet a lot more accessible while on the move.

5G is a much faster technology than previous wireless technologies. However, there’s more to it than improved speed. 5G also provides a much higher capacity, this means that thousands of devices within a small location can interact simultaneously. 

The time between asking a wireless device to do something and the action being completed is called latency. When using 5g, the latency is reduced significantly. Since the internet has allowed players to compete against each other, latency has long been a big topic of debate. With 5G it is predicted that the slight delays that can impact gaming will be no more. 

However, there are a lot of other impacts that 5G technology could make to our society. 

Is it possible to use 5g to play games on the cloud?

5G has gradually been rolling out over the last year or so to more and more people. The increasing usage of the technology will almost certainly lead to new business models, just as the previous wireless technologies have.

The question is, will 5G make it possible to play games on the cloud? As we are still in the early stages of this, there are a few questions that hang over us which will be answered with time. But in theory, it should be perfectly possible to play video games on the cloud via 5G. In fact, many businesses are already planning around this exact experience.

At the current early stages, it appears that the deployments of 5G are able to support the speed requirements, but have a questionable performance around latency at the moment. While some might take this negatively, it really isn’t. It’s extremely positive that the speed is there and while the latency isn’t quite up to scratch, this will improve as the technology is more widely picked up. Alongside this, there are many games that will be perfectly functional on the current speeds and latency, it is the more intensive ones that might struggle.

5G cloud gaming is an extremely exciting prospect for both the cloud and gaming industries. The technology will bring gaming to an even wider audience who can play on the go wherever and whenever they want, as long as they have a strong enough 5G connection. Moving forward into the future, this technology will only improve and provide a better playing experience.