Alibaba Cloud Gaming Solutions

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Cloud technology has been one of the biggest evolutions of our society in recent years. The implications of advanced cloud infrastructure is far reaching and touches multiple areas of our lives, often without us realising it. Because of the scale that cloud infrastructure has been adopted by people around the world, there has been a lot of competition from some of the biggest tech companies to carve out their portion of the market. 

On top of the fierce competition around the cloud market in general, another market within it has really taken off in recent years. Where once it was seen as a small, emerging sector, cloud gaming has grown fiercely recently and is showing no signs of slowing down. Again, the potential that this market has shown has drawn the attention of a large amount of the biggest tech companies around the world. This article is about Alibaba and their offering to the cloud gaming market.

What is all the hype around cloud gaming about?

Cloud gaming is thought of by many within the gaming industry as the next evolution for people to play their video games. It has only become possible to deliver it to a large audience in recent years at a standard people expect to be able to play their games at, which is why it has been gaining traction recently. 

Cloud gaming is very exciting because it removes the need for a person to have a piece of hardware to process a video game, like a console or a PC. This means that people no longer need to pay large upfront costs to be able to play their games, instead they can be part of a subscription service, and get access to their games at a lower cost.

Another factor that has got people excited about playing their games on the cloud is how easily they can access their game library and go mobile with it. As you no longer need a piece of hardware to process your games, you can play from anywhere that has a good enough internet connection, and as long as you have a compatible device. 

Who are Alibaba?

Alibaba is one of the giants of the internet. In terms of size and power it is right there at the top with the likes of Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Similarly to Amazon, the business started off as an ecommerce store, before expanding into other services. One of these new services was Alibaba Cloud, which was previously known as Aliyun and was launched in 2009. Alibaba Cloud offers an impressive infrastructure and has data centers in 21 regions and 63 availability zones all over the world. 

What does Alibaba Cloud gaming Solutions Offer?

Because of the extensive cloud infrastructure already in place, Alibaba Cloud gaming is based on solid foundations. 

Global Reach

The reach of the cloud ecosystem they provide covers the same as the wider cloud business, this means that 63 regional data centers in 21 regions around the world are available for users to make the most of. For companies looking to deploy their games to all of the major game markets, this is a big plus as the data centers on offer provide this scope. It is important for gaming companies to give their users access to a datacenter as near as possible to where they are located to increase performance and reduce latency. 

Top Level Security

Companies are constantly having to fight a war against cyber criminals to keep their, and their customers’, vital information safe. Alibaba Cloud gaming offers multiple layers of security that helps to combat the threat of cybercrime.

Game Tool Platforms available for Small and Medium Sized developers

Resource shortages can be a frequent issue that small and medium sized developers face. Unfortunately to develop a game and make it successful, the infrastructure must operate on a solid base which requires resources to keep it stable. Alibaba cloud offers tools and solutions to developers that help them to concentrate on developing their games and reduce the amount of time and cost that goes into maintenance. Further tools are also provided to help with particular requirements such as live streaming.

Content Analysis and Personalisation

To run a successful business, it is so important to understand your audience and the people who are using your service. Alibaba Cloud offers big data analytics and tools that help you to understand data that is coming through the cloud. With this data you can improve the user experience for people who use your services and also begin to work on personalising your product for each individual.

If you are beginning your research on finding a cloud gaming provider, then Alibaba Cloud gaming offers a strong product that can scale easily to demand, help products get developed quickly, while also minimising the costs to a business’s operations.