Amazon Prime Day 2020: Will It Still Happen?

Wednesday, May 13, 2020
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During this time of isolation and economic uncertainty, what can we expect from Prime Day 2020?

A retail holiday that has the potential to overthrow Black Friday, these 48 hours of deals for Amazon Prime users feature discounts for everything from Whole Foods products to MacBook Air laptops. However, the official date was not yet announced for the highly anticipated two days of concerts and online shopping.

The company has never published the actual date very far in advance, but this year’s COVID-19 pandemic has made people wonder whether Prime Day is still happening at all.

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What Is Amazon Prime Day?

A time to indulge and take advantage of slashed prices!

The first Prime Day took place in July 2015, when Amazon wanted to celebrate its first 20 years of business. It was meant to last for 24 hours, but because of its undeniable success and popularity, Amazon Prime users could look for the best deals for up to 48 hours.

To add to the shopping experience, Amazon also began organizing Prime Day concerts in New York. All performances were livestreamed in order to reach as many Prime users as possible. Last year’s lineup featured top tier artists such as SZA, Taylor Swift, and Dua Lipa.

What If I’m Not an Amazon Prime Member?

You can still be a part of Prime Day. Amazon Prime offers a free 30-day membership trial that you can activate just before the big day. If you cancel it before the end of the month, you can avoid being charged the price of a yearly subscription, which is $119.

If you’re a student looking for a deal on a new laptop or console, it might be worth considering an Amazon Prime Student subscription, which costs $59 a year, half the price of a regular membership. Better yet, students enjoy a six-month trial period and you can use that time to your advantage! Considering that the PS5 and Xbox Two will be launching before Christmas 2020, the current consoles are sure to see a price drop.

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When Will Amazon Prime Day Take Place This Year?

Millions of tech enthusiasts who want to get their hands on some high-quality hardware are left wondering if Prime Day will still happen under current circumstances. Normally set to take place in mid-July, it would appear that this year’s Amazon Prime Day has been pushed back to August, according to a Reuters report. Other news outlets suggest it might be delayed further if the lockdown continues because of a supply shortage.

The novel coronavirus has helped solidify Amazon’s reign as an online commerce giant, but it has also brought on the shutdown of several factories. While the platform had initially refused to ship non-essential orders, they returned to their pre-quarantine policies earlier this month. That’s good news for small retailers everywhere, who rely on Amazon to successfully sell their products.

The postponement of Amazon Prime Day has done something more than create a wave of disappointment among Prime users who were eager to find a great deal. The retail giant will now have to keep storing several million Echo and Alexa units, which they were hoping to sell during this period.

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Has the Pandemic Affected Amazon Prime?

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have flooded Amazon with more orders than it could handle. Because of the policies the company implemented to ensure the timely delivery of essentials, all other orders were initially pushed back, which has created month-long delays. Higher demand overwhelmed Amazon’s supply and delivery network.

Prime users lost the advantage of one- or two-day delivery and many people cancelled their subscriptions because of the recent scandals regarding working conditions in the Amazon warehouses. A group of employees that asked for improved safety measures during the pandemic were fired, which made a large number of Prime enthusiasts rethink their shopping habits and take their business elsewhere.

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How Do I Shop on Amazon Prime Day?

Are you the proud owner of an Alexa, Echo or Fire HD Tablet? Then rest easy: you can shop effortlessly by using the Amazon voice assistant to go through deals. Just keep in mind that the assistant will show you all deals on products that might spark your interest, regardless of whether they’re actually good or not.

If you like to shop from a PC or laptop, then just access when the event is announced. For mobile users, downloading the Amazon app for iOS or Android is a must in order to keep track of your favourite products.

You should also try and beat the clock by keeping an eye out for Lightning Deals. These timed deals make a countdown clock appear once you add the product to your cart. You then have only a short amount of time to check out, but you can receive mobile alerts when Lightning Deals begin and work the system to your advantage.

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What Laptop Deals Can I Look Forward To?

The undisputed success of Amazon Prime Day has encouraged a wide range of brands to partake in the celebratory deals. It’s a given that Amazon will be heavily discounting its own devices, but you can also expect to see prices drop for Asus, Acer, HP, Samsung and even Apple MacBook or Chromebook.

Some of last year’s best deals included the Apple MacBook Air (256GB of storage) on sale for $999 instead of $1,099 and the HP Envy 13 (Intel Core i7, Nvidia GeForce MX250) selling for $999 instead of $1,349.99. Tech writers anticipate an even bigger price drop for Apple products and several excellent deals on gaming laptops.

Even if Amazon Prime Day has been pushed back to August this year, the event will not disappoint. In its 5 years of existence, it has already outdone itself every time. The deals are rumoured to be irresistible, and most shoppers will likely be open to waiting a bit longer for their order to arrive if it means being able to purchase high quality hardware for $300 cheaper.