Anti-5G Campaign Has Been Blocked By a Judge

Sunday, August 8, 2021

A legal case that was battling to prevent 5G getting rolled out in the UK has been blocked by a judge. The group that brought the case to court had managed to raise over £160,000 for their cause via crowdfunding. Despite the setback to the campaign group, they have said they will continue to fight against the deployment of 5G.

The case itself brings several points into discussion. The first one is about the setup of legal action that is crowdfunded, the lawyers within this case have also worked together in other crowdfunded cases, each of them unsuccessful so far. The second is about the safety of 5G, which mainstream scientists support by believing that 5G offers no more risk to health than previous wireless technologies.

What was the court case about?

The group that has brought the case to the UK court is called Action Against 5G, which used an online platform called Crowdjustice to raise the money to pay for the case. The group argues that there are health risks posed by 5G networks and that the UK government is failing to safeguard the public. It is alleged that radiation from the 5G network will impact the health of people and compound over already dangerous radiation that comes from mobiles phones, smart devices and wi-fi.

There are three claimants that the legal action focuses around. Two of them are attempting to prevent 5G technology from getting deployed. The third claimant has been named as Rosalyn Rock, who argues that 5G has already damaged her health. She claims that in April and May 2020 her skin began to blister and she began feeling ill. During this time, Ms Rock reached out to Hounslow Council to get more information about radiation from both 5G masts and street lighting.

Within the legal document a further person, Lorna Hackett, also argues that 5G exposure has made her ill. Her law firm Hacket and Dabbs helped with the legal case and Ms Hackett claims that in September 2020 she was harmed by 5G radiation when she went to her home to take a witness statement.

On this subject, the legal document states that, ‘Ms Hackett experienced a sharp pain in her head, which subsided almost immediately when she moved away from the masts.’ It continues by writing that after leaving Ms Rock’s home, ‘Ms Hackett felt unable to think clearly and spaced-out as if tranquilised or intoxicated. She did not feel capable of driving.’

Despite the argument put towards the court, Mrs Justice Foster, a judge from the High Court, commented by saying, ‘the real issue is that the claimants disagree with a large body of international opinion as to the safety of 5G.’ Continuing on, Foster points out that the choices to roll out 5G are the domain of the government, based on the technical advice given to it, which ‘does not support the claimants’ concerns’.

The Action Against 5G group have given an update to the people that donated to their cause by writing on the Crowdjustice site, ‘Without delay the amazing Michael Mansfield QC, and barristers Philip Rule and Lorna Hackett, have swiftly lodged a renewal notice setting permission for a hearing.’

As part of the government’s defence, it referenced advice stating that 5G is safe from Public Health England and the World Health Organization. Action against 5G quoted multiple expert witnesses, including Dr Andrew Tresidder, who is a GP that specialises in flower remedies and emotional healing.

When making her judgement, Mrs Justice Foster stated that, ‘The defendants have set out their (rational, scientifically based) view that there is nothing fundamentally different about the physical characteristics of the radio signals produced by 5G compared to those produced by 3G and 4G.’

What is 5G?

5G is the latest generation of mobile technology, following on from the previous iteration, 4G. 5G is a much faster wireless technology than anything else we have seen before. However, it is not all about the speed, 5G is also able to carry so much more data on it, this could mean that thousands of devices within a limited space could be connected simultaneously.  5G is now being rolled out in countries around the world.