Artificial Intelligence and Google’s Future

Friday, January 29, 2021

In some capacity, you’ll most likely have heard of artificial intelligence. But are you aware how frequently you could actually be interacting with the technology?

Artificial intelligence has long been a part of society. At first, decades ago, it was only in the imagination and science fiction that the technology could be created. However, as time has passed, and technology has developed more and more, artificial intelligence has become not only a realistic goal, but a pivotal part of much of the technology we rely upon in our day to day.

One of the companies spearheading the development of artificial intelligence is Google’s parent company Alphabet. This article will provide more information about what artificial intelligence is, how google have used it in the past and what their development teams are looking towards in the future.

So if you’d like to find out more about artificial intelligence and how Google uses it, read on below.

What is artificial intelligence?

Your mind might be cast straight to science fiction representations of artificial intelligence, such as in 2001 Space Odyssey. While this level of sophistication might be the goal for some areas of artificial intelligence, there are lots of ways the technology is already intertwined with our lives. 

What some people are not aware of is that artificial intelligence is an encompassing term for a number of different computer sciences. To sum up, the goal of these sciences is to create machines that are able to perform tasks that usually need a human’s intelligence to be completed effectively. This summary over simplifies a very complicated subject that branches into areas of philosophy as well as science. However, for the purposes of this article, this definition will be used.

How has artificial intelligence been used by Google already?

Google has been exploring artificial intelligence, in particular deep learning, seriously since 2011. This is when it launched the Google Brain Project. The first real world usage the company found for the developing technology was around image recognition, using AI to sort through millions of images on the internet and classify them according to criteria. This brings us onto one of the main ways AI is interacted with on the day to day, the Google search algorithm.

As a search engine, Google is always trying to make sure people get the most relevant information and the best answer to what they are looking for. As time has progressed, they have created an algorithm that is more and more sophisticated and able to understand what specific people are looking for and what information is contained on websites, providing the most relevant website, video, or image as an answer to a person’s query. Another key area of AI in use by Google is language processing, where AI is able to understand questions and commands, as well as translate text. 

The above points are just a few of the ways Google has been implementing AI in its business, below we’ll look at how they are trying to develop AI more into the future.

Artificial intelligence and Google’s future

Google has a set of principles that it believes AI should be, and their projects work within these frameworks. These are:

  • Be socially beneficial
  • Avoid creating or reinforcing unfair bias
  • Be built and tested for safety
  • Be accountable to people
  • Incorporate privacy design principles
  • Uphold high standards of scientific excellence
  • Be made available for uses that accord with these principles

It’s important to have these principles in place, because AI is at the heart of Google’s plans for the future. For the last several years, a key buzz word around the internet has been ‘mobile first’ this is all about making sure the internet is compatible with the mobiles and screens people use to access the internet. 

However, in the coming years there is going to be an increasing switch to ‘AI first’. As artificial intelligence gets more and more embedded into our everyday, we will have an increasing reliance on it that will need to be given strong foundations as the internet evolves and new websites are built. 

The area of artificial intelligence is extremely exciting and is moving at a rapid pace. Technology is emerging at a rate that we sometimes don’t notice the increasing level of AI in our world. Google already implements it seamlessly into apps we use everyday. Moving forward, machine learning will become more and more sophisticated and able to improve our daily tasks hugely.