Best Free Email Hosting Services of 2020

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Are you looking for the best free email hosting services of 2020? This article will go into detail about the best providers on the market this year. 

Finding an email hosting is quite a similar experience to finding a web hosting package. Especially if you have the funds to pay for the premium services, web hosts frequently provide email addresses alongside their packages to let businesses have accounts for a number of employees.

However even with enough capital, finding the best service provider for your situation isn’t easy. There is a lot to think about. How well do spam filters function? Is organising the inbox straightforward? What applications are needed or capable of accessing accounts? Do you need custom domains and unique addresses? Alongside all this, with Covid-19 and remote working there are even more considerations to work out.

Then, to go a step further, trying to find an email provider that meets all of your needs and is free is a very difficult task - especially if you don’t know where to look. That’s why this article has been written, to help point you in the right direction to some of the best and most reliable email hosting services that have free packages.

If you do need a free service, it’s always important to remember that free services come with some form of limitation. Businesses don’t tend to offer free services from the kindness of their heart, but because it is part of a wider business plan. So there can be a trade off by using a free service. This can be a number of things, often you might be served more ads, or have limited access to the features. But to find out more about all this, we’ve done a write up below.

Best Free Email Hosting Services of 2020


You don’t have to be looking for an email client for long until you’ll come across Gmail. The mail application from Google is the biggest in the market and has over a billion users around the world. It’s done all this over a 16 year period, since being founded in 2014.

Some of the best parts of gmail is its sleek, intuitive, and simple user interface. The majority of the screen is devoted to the inbox - which is the main reason people want an email client. Organisation is very straightforward as well, with messages grouped into conversations,

Another great aspect of Gmail is that you’ll have access to the Gsuite. This gives you access to online applications that help with a number of computer based tasks such as making documents, spreadsheets and presentations.


Like Gmail, Outlook is a market leading email provider. The interface it utilises fits in exactly with the Windows desktop styling, meaning most Windows users are able to navigate the application quickly and with ease. On the left hand side of the screen are organisational tools and folders, the center of the screen is the current folder, with the right side of the screen a preview panel for paying customers. If you use a free account, the right of the screen will have adverts. 


The third of the big three in email providers, Yahoo offers great features and extras that keeps a loyal fanbase of users. The latest iteration of Yahoo Mail is a well executed and refined application that performs well against competition.

The interface is simple and effective, with an aesthetic similar to Gmail. However it also allows you to create and add emails to a custom folder, with the display layout also customisable to create a system that suits you best. You can also integrate with Facebook, send SMS and text messages, and forward emails to another address. Unfortunately, the service doesn’t come completely for free, but for £2.80 a month, it was worth including in this list because of the reliability you are guaranteed.

Finding the best free hosting service is not an easy task at the best of times. If you are looking alone or as part of an organisation, there are a whole number of factors that have to be considered and can change depending on usage, geographical location, number of accounts needed, and the nature of the work that will be conducted via the email client. Understanding your needs will greatly assist in finding the right package, once you know what you require, it becomes easier to compare that to the offerings a provider gives.