Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

Tuesday, December 8, 2020
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Search engine optimisation can appear complicated, but in reality a lot of it is straightforward. Like with anything, there are different levels to SEO and professionals are able to get more technical or strategic with particular elements, but there are so many parts that are completely accessible to anyone with a website.

In fact there are plenty of plugins available to WordPress users that professionals also use to optimise SEO on that platform. That’s what this article is about, the best SEO plugins for WordPress. This will help you wade through the huge amount of plugins that are out there to find some of the most effective ones. However, it’s important to remember that there are other plugins out there beyond this list. Finding a great SEO plugin is often about finding something that is specific to your needs. So remember to do your research if you need something in particular.

What is a plugin?

Plugins are a way for people to add functionality to their website without having to write custom code. A plugin is a section of software that can be added or ‘plugged in’ to your website and creates more functions on either the front or backend. There are thousands of plugins available that all have different purposes. Using the right plugin can save people countless amounts of work and can be extremely useful. This is particularly the case with SEO.

What is SEO?

If you’ve found this article, chances are you already have an idea about what SEO is. Because of this, we’ll keep this section brief, and touch on what areas of SEO plugins can help with.

Some people get caught up on organic traffic when discussing SEO. What this gets wrong is it's not about how many people come to your website, it’s about the quality of the traffic that comes to your site. There’s no point getting hundreds, thousands, or millions of people to your site if they don’t do anything and bounce straight away. Proper SEO is all about getting the right people to your website via organic channels.

Broadly, SEO can be broken down into three sections, these are technical SEO, onsite and content, and offsite. Technical SEO is about making sure your website is coded and built in a way that is most accessible to search engines and that they know what every web page is about. Onsite and content is all about making sure you have the right content on your pages to rank for specific keywords. Offsite SEO is about building the authority of your website and making connections within the world wide web. The majority of plugins will be helpful for the first two of these sections.

Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

Below are some of the most tried and tested SEO plugins available on WordPress.


Yoast is the go to SEO plugin for millions of people who use WordPress. It has a lot of options, both on the sitewide level and on an individual page level. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Define an XML sitemap
  • Authenticate your site with the main search engines
  • Write “no index” rules for your pages
  • Write titles and meta description templates.

On a granular level, Yoast lets you add SEO elements to individual pages, these include meta titles and descriptions, as well as keyword density analysis. Yoast SEO is a great place to start your SEO journey and should be installed on your site as a minimum.

Rank Math

Rank Math is very powerful and offers a lot of features that other plugins aren’t capable of. What’s great about Rank Math is that it does this whilst also being user friendly. Some of the standout features are:

  • Integration with Google Search Console
  • Allows you to place redirects
  • Rich snippets markup
  • Facebook and twitter card previews
  • 404 monitoring

Broken Link Checker

The above two plugins are ‘all rounders’, they try to cover as much onsite and technical SEO as possible. Broken Link Checker instead focuses on one area that can be a big task for anyone trying to improve their technical SEO. Broken link checker analyses your website and finds broken links, both internally and externally. It then tells you the error code and the source of the broken link, which helps you to identify how to fix it. It can also help you fix links in bulk, which is great if you have a repeated error across urls.

The above three SEO plugins are some of the most respected on the plugin marketplace. However, there are a lot of great plugins out there that can help with your SEO. If there’s a particular task that seems extremely difficult or repetitive, it’s always worth seeing if there’s a plugin that can help alleviate the job.