Cloud Gaming For Android, PC, and MacOS

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Cloud gaming is fast taking over the gaming industry. Many people are actually already using it in some way, although they might not realise it. Unfortunately, as with so many things in the technology industries, there are limitations to what is available depending on the hardware that you are using. This is particularly evident when looking at the Android, PC, and MacOS operating systems.

So for people looking to get into cloud gaming, you need to do careful research to make sure that the cloud gaming service that you want to use will be compatible with the device that you use and will be playing on. If the cloud service doesn’t work with your device, you will be left out of pocket and unable to play the amazing games you’ve been looking forward to.

So to find out more about cloud gaming on different systems, read on below. But before we properly begin, what is cloud gaming?

What is cloud gaming?

Up until recently, cloud gaming was not possible because we did not have sophisticated enough technology. But with recent developments in infrastructure and internet networks, the once far fetched idea of cloud gaming is now a reality. In fact it’s so real that many people and businesses in the gaming sector are predicting it to be the next big format for people to play their video games, eventually overtaking consoles. But what actually is cloud gaming?

Currently, a player needs to have a piece of hardware to process their video games. Some types of hardware include a console or PC. With these devices, the processing is done in the same location as the player. With cloud gaming, the processing of game data is done remotely, in another location, by a server run by another business. This means that a person who uses a cloud gaming service does not need to have a console or computer to play their games, but they will need a good internet connection and some form of device that is capable of playing their game.

The benefits of this form of gaming is that a person becomes a lot more mobile and doesn’t have to play their own games in their home setup. Alongside this, there are lower upfront costs, because you don’t have to buy a console or computer and can instead pay a monthly subscription fee to have access to the games.


Android is the most popular mobile operating system globally and is created by Google. It is available on a number of devices, manufactured by various companies such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Sony, amongst many others.

Given the widespread popularity of Android, and the amount of companies that use the operating system, below we will cover what some of the cloud gaming options are for players.

What cloud gaming services are available on Android devices?

There are a lot of companies that can operate on Android, some of the ones to look into are:

  • Steam link
  • Remotr
  • Parsec
  • Shadow
  • Vortex


PC stands for personal computer. But in a lot of circles it also has become synonymous with the company Microsoft. Microsoft is a giant within the computing industry, with millions of people around the world using their technology across phones, computers, and other electronic devices. Alongside all this, Microsoft also is the creator of the Xbox, one of the leading console hardware manufacturers in the gaming industry. 

What cloud gaming services are available on PCs?

The vast majority of cloud gaming services are available for people who use PCs. Alongside this, the Xbox cloud gaming service is also available to be played on PCs now, not just for people with xBox subscriptions.


The MacOS completes this list of the top three operating systems that are in use around the world. The MacOS is created by Apple and is used on all the Apple products, including their iPhones, tablets, and computers. 

Cloud Gaming on MacOS

For third parties, Apple has been difficult to get into their ecosystem for a long time. However, given the rising popularity of cloud gaming and its ability to be a cross platform service via the internet, it is difficult for Apple to build a wall to protect against it. Instead it looks like the business will be fully embracing it. For people looking to play on MacOS there are a number of options to choose from, but one of the most prominent and recommended is GeForce now.

Above are some of the different platforms that you’d be able to use on different operating systems. However, there are plenty more out there that could also suit your needs. Once you understand what you are looking for, what is compatible, and how you’d like to play, it becomes much easier to narrow down your search.