Cloud Gaming To More Devices In 2021

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Cloud gaming had a huge year of growth in 2020, but how will the industry fair over 2021?

In so many ways industries, businesses and society have had to drastically adjust the way they operate since the start of 2020. If we turn our attention to the cloud gaming sector, there is a clear trend that can be followed. This article will look at some of the changes that have led to cloud gaming coming to more devices in 2021.

So if you are looking to see what new devices cloud gaming will be compatible with in 2021, read on below to find out.

Before we go into details about the industry, let’s first explain what cloud gaming is.

What is cloud gaming? 

Cloud gaming is a relatively new way for people to play their video games. Whereas in the past people have needed expensive consoles or gaming PC rigs, with cloud gaming, these pieces of hardware are no longer needed. Cloud gaming makes use of improved infrastructure in internet delivery and the wider cloud network, which in the past was not developed enough to be able to deliver an appropriate level of service that made games enjoyable to play. However, technology has now improved to create an enjoyable cloud gaming experience. 

Cloud gaming works by processing the game data that a console or PC would do remotely, on distant servers. When you play a game, your actions and data are sent via the internet to the server, the server will then process this information and send it back to the device you are playing on via the internet.

Some of the benefits of this model is that people can play anywhere, at any time, as long as there is a good internet connection. Another benefit of cloud gaming is that the initial upfront costs of playing are much reduced, because you don’t have to pay out for initial hardware costs. Instead, the most popular model is a subscription based system where people pay a monthly fee to have access to a game platform and a library of games. These points are two of the main reasons why cloud gaming is dramatically gaining popularity around the world.

Cloud Gaming To More Devices In 2021

Unlike some industries that were completely decimated by the coronavirus pandemic, cloud gaming grew hugely last year. So much so that a lot of the tech companies and people within the industry have got behind cloud gaming and are investing heavily.

If we look at Microsoft, the owner of xBox, they have thrown their weight behind the trend with what was called project xCloud. For some, this could be surprising, but project xCloud will allow people who are not on the Microsoft ecosystem to play xBox games. In the past, there has been a big wall up between the libraries that the top companies such as Microsoft and Sony have. Project xCloud will allow people with PCs and iOS devices and an xBox Game Pass Ultimate, to play their xBox games on their devices. 

Another way that cloud gaming will be coming to more devices in 2021 is through a partnership that Google and Nvidia have made with LG’s smart TVs, this will allow Google’s Stadia and Nvidia’s Geforce now to be able to be played on the smart TVs LG are bringing to the market in later 2021.

Further announcements within the cloud gaming industry include Amazon’s entrance into the market. Their platform will be called Luna and will make use of the services Amazon already offers, such as the hugely popular Twitch platform.

Lastly, the continued rollout of the 5G mobile network will be a huge game changer for the cloud gaming industry. 5G will dramatically improve the amount of data that can be transferred across the internet and between devices. Amongst many other plus points, this will mean that more devices will be able to support cloud gaming. 

Cloud gaming is set to take an even bigger stake in the market over 2021 and most are predicting this to continue well into the future. Companies are investing more and more heavily into the industry, meaning infrastructure will continue to improve, and consumers have a better selection of services to choose and devices to play on.