Codemotion - Learn to dev... Which online courses are out there?

Friday, April 3, 2020
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With a huge amount of the world currently having to self isolate and work from home, there is a great opportunity for people to use the new free time to learn and improve their skills. One skill of these skills is software development. This article will discuss what online courses are out there for developers through Codemotion.

Why Learn to Code?

Get a Job in Software Development

The most straightforward answer to this is to get a job within software development. Over recent years it’s been a hugely developing industry that is at the forefront of a lot of the big changes in society. By learning to code and getting a job as a software developer, there is a lot of opportunity and money to be made.

Wider Job Roles Become Accessible and Your Applications Stand Out

Companies are not always able to hire for a specific skill set and look for people with a more rounded knowledge, this is particularly so if you’d like to work within a startup. By offering a range of services, even if coding isn’t the main job role that you want to pursue, you might be able to get a job that lets you partly pursue your main interests. If you can code, it will make your application stand out a lot further, even if it’s not related to the position you apply for.

Understand Wider Technical Applications

Understanding code opens up access to a wider world of tech. While you might not be directly learning about the broad picture, by understanding how a certain part of it works, you are able to understand new components more easily.

Make Your Ideas Happen

If you are one of those people who always has a great idea for an app or a game, or a website, or anything that could help people out digitally, there is a big barrier to getting that made if you do not know how to code. By understanding software development, you can either write the program yourself or know how to commission someone else to.

What is Codemotion?

Codemotion is a platform for developers looking to grow professionally. This means a couple things, improving knowledge around software development as well as increasing a developers connections within the community. Codemotion does this in a number of ways, the most notable being regular meetups, both digitally and virtually, as well as facilitating learning sessions and programs.

Codemotion Learning

The tech industry is always changing and developing. To be successful in it, a developer has to keep up to date. Codemotion offers training programs and paths around the latest industry developments, helping a programmer stay updated. Here are some of the most popular learning opportunities offered by the platform:

Tech Leadership Training: Taking You from Developer to CTO

This program is partnered with Facebook Developer Circles. The purpose of it is to help developers that want to step up in their career and become Chief Technical Officers (CTOs). It’s not exactly your usual developer training because it has a strong focus on interpersonal and influential skills. The course is structured around modules that allow a learner to practice the different skills a CTO will need in their day to day jobs. The majority of this course is online, however there is also a 2-day intensive bootcamp included, that builds on the online content.

Functional Programming

This course is aimed at a broad range of people within the industry including front-end developers, back-end developers, software architects, project managers, and team leads. It aims to teach participants how to practice functional programming and apply the strategies to all forms of applications and software architectures.

Microservices Architectures

This learning path is for software architects, project managers, developers and team leads. It will teach them about the two sides of Microservices Architectures, which are the technical and non-technical characteristics. This will take into account all areas including architectural, design and implementation, as well as human variables and communication factors.

From Web Pages to (Progressive) Web Apps with Service Workers

Service Workers provide the technical basis for Progressive Web Apps, which are an extremely hot topic at the moment. This learning path will explain what service worker technology offers, how a developer should begin with Progressive Web App development, and the best way to apply service workers in app development. The course participant will be given a learning schedule around basic concepts, libraries, and tools to make PWA development as efficient and effective as possible.

Codemotion offers an amazing learning platform for developers within the industry. Once a skill has initially been learned, it’s difficult to keep on progressing and not plateau. Through codemotion, a person can find industry relevant and up to date learning opportunities that can be directly applicable to their development journey and career path.