Crunchbase - How to find a Venture Capitalist for your startup?

Wednesday, March 11, 2020
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How can you find the money to turn your business idea into a success?

This is often a question that entrepreneurs and startup founders are faced with. Their idea is great, but you have to find some money to get the idea off the ground, too market, and creating revenue. There are a lot of ways you can do this, and there are also some amazing tools that can help you along the way. This article is about one of them, Crunchbase.

What is crunchbase?

Crunchbase is an online platform for professionals and investors to research and find up and coming companies. Data on startups, SMEs and larger organizations are held for professionals to research and analyse. This data includes investment, funding information, founding members, people in leadership, mergers and acquisitions, news, and related industry trends.

There are a few qualities to the platform that make it a great achievement. Firstly, researchers can connect and communicate with the people in the company that make the decisions, hopefully leading to new opportunities. Secondly, the data is accessible for companies and journalists to integrate into their own projects, creating a foundation for further innovation around the insights provided. This third point is connected to the first, but startups are able to use the platform as a way to find investors for their projects. This last point is what today's article will focus on.

Find a Venture Capitalist for Your Startup

Venture Capitalists are individuals who have access to a pot of money from pensions, corporations, and foundations for example. They invest this money on behalf of these organizations to make more money for the people involved with their funds. Part of this means investing in startups, where there is a higher risk but the returns can be huge if they find the right business.

The money injected into a business by a VC can revolutionise the way it runs and drive it to the next level. For this cash injection, they require an active hand in the development of the company, and ask for equity in exchange for the investment. The VC can also provide expertise and guidance to lead the startup successfully to market and also grow them within their niche.

To gain funding, a startup founder is going to have to do a lot of networking to find the right people within their industry. Even so, you don’t know who you meet is actually going to be able to help, even if they are interested in your company. This is where Crunchbase can be so useful.

Crunchbase Pro can help eliminate the guesswork in finding the right partners. With the search and filter function, you can organise potential investors by their location, industry, and the amount of money you require. You are also able to see an investor’s past investments, which gives you more of an understanding if your startup is the right fit for them or not.

Crunchbase Pro has some further features which are helpful for startups prospecting for both business and investors.


Find people and companies who can help grow your business

As mentioned above, the advanced search functions can be used to find potential investors. But this same function can be used to identify business opportunities that might be of use.

Monitor businesses and news directly relevant to you

If there are unique companies you are interested in, or specific business trends you want to pay attention to, Crunchbase Pro can help you by setting up custom alerts. These range from news mentions, to new investment rounds.

Combined database and prospecting tools

The Crunchbase data is extremely impressive, and dynamic enough to pair with prospecting features. Combining the two of these means a startup can reach more business, that is highly targeted, quicker.


There are four different pricing levels for Crunchbase, each level of the scale offers different  features than the previous.


This level is free in its most basic iteration. It’s perfect for those beginning with their market research.

Crunchbase Pro

This pricing starts at $29 a month. It’s for individuals who need to track and research companies.

Crunchbase Enterprise

This is a custom price point, depending on the number of licenses and endpoints needed. It gives companies access to their API and Salesforce Integration.

Crunchbase Applications

Again, this has a custom pricing, depending on the amount of customers and endpoints. It is for businesses who want to use Crunchbase data in their customer facing apps.

Running a successful startup and taking it to market takes a lot of hardwork and dedication. Knowing the right people at the right time can also make a huge difference to the success of a business. By utilising Crunchbase Pro’s features, it becomes a lot easier to find the right people at the right time, making a founder’s job just that little bit easier.