DigitalOcean, Easy to Use — Great pricing

Friday, March 20, 2020
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What is DigitalOcean

First started in 2011, DigitalOcean is American based and gets developers launching their apps on quicker timeframes, with less stress. Nine years later, with over 1 million developers in 195 countries, 12 datacenters and 78 million droplets, DigitalOcean is a force to be reckoned with in the cloud computing world.

It's grown to this size with a value driven offering, which is assisting developers and entrepreneurs around the world by letting them focus on their ideas. DigitalOcean can cover the technical aspects of deployment that often bog engineers down too much. It does this with a simple to use platform at affordable prices.


Some of the key features of the DigitalOcean service includes:

Monitoring and Alerts

Alerts can be quickly set up to monitor performance and system changes. Any metric can have an alert setup on them and real time summary dashboards of application performance are available. These help to highlight when to scale up and improve performance. Integrated at the heart of the ecosystem, data is available on every aspect of the project, and is visible all from one place.

Team Accounts

Foster an environment that is ideal for collaboration. There are no user limits, so teams can be as large as they need to be. Two-step authentication is also available and team leads can check that their colleagues have enabled it. This is as well as every team having a separate bill and payment option, if needed.

Developer Support

24/7 technical support is available, meaning there is always help if wanted. This comes in the form of technical documents, community questions, tutorials, API docs, and a customer support team.


Keep infrastructure secure and safe by outlining what services are visible in Droplets. The DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls are free and can scale as needed. Rules can be applied across multiple droplets with a simple tagging process. All rules are centralised in one dashboard for easy management.

99.99% Uptime

If DigitalOcean is unable to deliver on 99.99% uptime, a business will be credited for the time it was down.

Access to already built, open source apps

A library of popular apps that are already built are available for install. Cut out the process of configuration and deploy the code.

DNS Management

With complete DNS management, developers can manage all parts of the DNS settings in a domain. Form a DNS record by writing down the domain name and choosing the Droplet.

Multinational Availability

DigitalOCean has data centers all around the world. This means that connectivity and redundancy can be provided exactly to requirements.


Use the command line to manage infrastructure with a CLI tool. There is also the option to automate deployments with the API.

Private Networking

Account and team level communications can be isolated between Droplets that are in the same data center.


There are a range of packages on offer from DigitalOcean:


Prices start at $5 a month for 1GB memory, 1vCPU, 1TB transfer and a 25GB SSD disk. The top fee in this bracket is $960 a month for 192GB memory, 32vCPUs, 12TB transfer, and a 3,840 GB SSD disk.

General Purpose

Prices and what you get for your money are on a range between $60 - $1,200 a month, 8GB - 160GB, 2vCPUs - 40vCPUs, 4 TB - 9 TB Transfers, 25 GB - 500 GB SSD disks.

CPU Optimised

If you are looking for a CPU-Optimised package you have options along this scale: 4 - 64 GB memory, 2 - 32 v CPUs, 4 - 9 TB transfers, 25 - 400 GB SSD disks, for between $40 - $640 a month.

Memory Optimised

The newest package they offer, provides a service between these figures: 16 - 256 GB memory, 2 - 32 v CPUs, 4 - 10 TB transfer, 50 - 4800 GB SSD disk, for a price range of $90 - $2240.

Digital Ocean has grown to be one of the largest cloud hosting providers in the sector. They have done this by making it easier for developers and entrepreneurs to get their business ideas out into the world where they can start producing revenue. By removing these roadblocks and lowering the accessibility threshold, DigitalOcean has empowered companies to innovate and keep the world’s tech sector progressing.