DigitalOcean - The New Cloud?

Wednesday, February 12, 2020
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How do you create a market leading web hosting business?

Understand what people need and deliver a solution to those needs. It’s a simple concept and one that has been driving the technological advancement we’ve seen explode in recent years.

This foresight and understanding is exactly what DigitalOcean have done and continue to do as well.

In this article we’ll discuss DigitalOcean and what makes the business perform so effectively.

What is DigitalOcean?

To answer this properly, it’s extremely useful to learn a bit about where DigitalOcean has come from.

A company History

Formally, the company was recognised in 2011. However, the roots of the organisation stretch back much further. If we cast our minds back to 2003, the founders of DigitalOcean, Ben and Moisey Uretsky, have created another company that goes by the name Server Stack.

Already working within the cloud computing industry, Ben and Moisey noticed there was a big gap in the products on offer. Essentially, the main providers were only catering for large, corporate entities that needed servers managed over sizable accounts.

They had an idea to create a product that serves the needs of smaller companies and developers. This meant that previously the resources that only large scale organisations had access to became available to the wider market. From there they saw exponential growth as DigitalOcean was formed in 2011 and became hugely popular within the industry.

So, to return to the original question, what is DigitalOcean?

Essentially, DigitalOcean is a cloud hosting provider. However, their service delivered a new angle on cloud hosting models, bringing a breath of fresh air, and showing a way for the market to develop into the future by allowing smaller organisations access to the same powerful resources that only well funded corporate entities had before. As of 2018, this tactic paid off when the business became the third largest cloud hosting company in the world, as defined by computers that are web facing.

DigitalOcean allows a business’s online presence to grow unhindered by scaling the web hosting package they have over a number of cloud servers. A developer or business is able to tailor their hosting needs very specifically to the demand and CPU pressures they will be placing on the hosting provider.


Alongside the points from above, where we talked about making resources available to all levels of service providers and developers, DigitalOcean has some further unique offerings. All of which tie back into their goal of making cloud computing less complex, so that developers can concentrate on creating software that will keep technology moving forward - as opposed to spending just as much time trying to keep themselves online.

The first of these offerings is the use of Droplets in their service. If you have been doing some research around DigitalOcean, you’ll undoubtedly have come across this term a lot. Droplets function in a similar capacity to VPS servers. They are virtual, Linux based machines that run on hardware that’s virtualised. They offer the owner a huge amount of flexibility around how they need their hosting to perform.

The Droplets come in four different package configurations:

  • Standard
  • General Purpose
  • CPU-Optimized
  • Memory-Optimized


The idea is to keep pricing as simple as possible, with flat fees across all their data centers and monthly caps as well. They also offer the option of monthly or hourly payment options, meaning lower access of entry for startups and individual developers.

For the hourly pricing, all Droplets have 672 hours (the total number of hours in 4 weeks). If a developer uses less than this number, they will be billed for exactly the amount of hours they use. If more than 672 hours are used in a month, they will be charged on a monthly cost. Make sure you check their tax information documents to find out if the price you are given includes tax in the quote or not.

On the Standard plan you can purchase a range of options between $5 a month for 1GB memory, 1vCPU, 1TB transfer and a 25GB SSD disk. All the way up to $960 a month for 192GB memory, 32vCPUs, 12TB transfer, and a 3,840 GB SSD disk.

Prices of the General Purpose are on a scale between $60 - $1,200 a month, 8GB - 160GB, 2vCPUs - 40vCPUs, 4 TB - 9 TB Transfers, 25 GB - 500 GB SSD disks.

The CPU-Optimised offers these figures: 4 - 64 GB memory, 2 - 32 v CPUs, 4 - 9 TB transfers, 25 - 400 GB SSD disks, for between $40 - $640 a month.

The new Memory-Optimized package can be brought if these figures suit your needs: 16 - 256 GB memory, 2 - 32 v CPUs, 4 - 10 TB transfer, 50 - 4800 GB SSD disk, for a price range of $90 - $2240.

DigitalOcean have 12 data centers around the world, with over 1 million developers in 195 countries. One of their aims is to create a global community of developers and businesses that is a source of innovation and growth. The wider community helps drive society forward and DigitalOcean aims to keep these people online by offering a service of exceptional quality at accessible rates.