Google To Host Free Event - Search Central Live

Saturday, February 20, 2021

On February 24, Google will hold a free event called Search Central Live.

This event is the first installment is a series of free events that Google will be hosting, with the aim of bringing the community around Google Search together. As with so many events over the last year, Search Central Live will be conducted over the internet.

How can you take part in the event?

One of the challenges of working with a global community is deciding what time zone to hold the event in. For this particular event, Google has chosen to hold the event in the timezone of the  Asia-Pacific region. Alongside this, the videos and content will be made available on the Google Search Central YouTube channel after the event as well.

You can register for the event free of charge here.

What is Search Central Live?

Search central live is Google’s first attempt at doing a live conference, as opposed to pre recorded videos. Attendees will be able to take part and interact with the talk hosts and each other through the chat features live as the event is taking place.

There will be a series of talks as part of interactive experiences, with the aim of opening up a dialogue between members of the search community.  There will be three sessions taking place for people to attend:

  • A fireside chat with Cherry Prommawin, Danny Sullivan, Ashley Berman Hale, and Martin Splitt
  • A live technical SEO case study with Kristina Azarenko and Martin Splitt
  • A live session of Search Off The Record with Gary Illyes, John Mueller, and Martin Splitt.