Gsuite - Your Dedicated Email with Google Interface

Friday, March 20, 2020
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Gsuite is a collection of apps made by Google. They help people and businesses by providing a range of software that is commonly used in work environments. These include an email client, word processor, spreadsheet creator, calendar, meeting and video functionality, a shared cloud drive, and a presentation creator, amongst others.

The Gsuite is extremely powerful and allows levels of collaboration and communication between teams that is hard to rival. Colleagues can edit and review documents in real time and access to folders can be shared, alongside a host of functionalities.

This guide will run you through some of the applications you get in the Gsuite collection.


Google’s email client is the most common ways that people are introduced to the Gsuite. To sign up for a free account, users fill in a quick application and will be given an email like ‘’. For businesses and paying customers, it’s possible to get a custom address such as ‘’.

Gmail has a powerful interface that keeps emails organised and structured. Once you are used to them they are instinctive, however for new people it might take a short while to get used to them. Through labeling, filtering and stars, emails can be prioritised and moved into folders to keep an inbox clean.

Google Sheets

Google sheets is a free spreadsheet creator that is packed full of functionality. Most businesses utilise spreadsheets in some capacity, whether it’s economics, marketing, accounting, project management or data analysis - a spreadsheet will be a part of the workflow. With Google Sheets, a user can manage data and provide in depth analysis and reporting from the inputted data.

Google Docs

Google docs lets users create documents on either an empty page or within a template. For teams it’s fantastic for collaboration, multiple colleagues can edit and feedback on a document at the same time. Changes are updated to other user’s screens in real time and documents can be shared with different levels of access. These include view only, comment access, or edit access.

Google Calendar

To help organise individuals and teams, Google Calendar assists with time management and scheduling. Users can create and edit events and reminders and invite people to them, which if accepted will appear in the other person’s calendar. Team members are also able to view colleagues’ calendars to help sort out meetings and schedules.

Google Meet

Google Meet provides a video conferencing service. Integrated with calendar and gmail, colleagues are able to join meetings directly from an email invite or calendar event. Within the meeting, people can share screens, send documents, write text, and utilise video or audio.

Google Drive

A cloud based storage service, that lets Gsuite users access files from one secure location online. It acts as a hub for Docs, Sheets, and Slides which makes up the office suite within Gsuite. Different members of a team can have access to parts of a business drive, with restriction placed on other areas. By all team members creating their work within a shared drive, all members with access can find the documents and work on them, without the need for other colleagues emailing or sending the files over separately.

Google Slides

Create expert presentations that can draw on data and information stored on the range of Gsuite apps. Similarly to the other apps in the Gsuite, users can share and collaborate on the presentation in real time and feedback instantly to each other.


The above functionality is accessible for free for individual users. However there are added services for paying clients. Alongside this, if a team with multiple users wants access to the Gsuite, or to have a custom email domain, then they will have to pay.

Google offers flexible payment plans, that lets users be added and deleted whenever needed, and works on a monthly billing cycle. The basic plan starts at £4.14 per user per month. Business use costs £8.28 per user per month. Enterprise costs £20 per user per month.

For individuals and teams looking to improve productivity and collaboration, Gsuite is a solution that should be seriously considered. The scale and technological prowess of Google means that there are constant improvements to the service, meaning you and your team will be at the cutting edge repeatedly for years to come.