How do I get free cloud games?

Sunday, June 27, 2021

People sometimes forget that video games can be expensive, especially if the latest AAA releases are the games you’d like to play. Couple this with the amount of money a console or gaming PC costs and suddenly the costs start to pile up.

This is one reason why cloud gaming has got so popular recently, both the cost of buying individual games and hardware are minimised comparatively. For example, the cost of hardware is reduced because the processing of the game is done in a remote location, with the information streamed over the internet back to a player. This means that they don’t have to buy powerful hardware to sit next to them whilst they play.

Similarly, depending on the type of cloud gaming service you decide to go with, the costs of games can be reduced. This is particularly so if you get access to a library for a subscription fee and don’t have to pay for individual games.

Unfortunately, even with these improvements in costs associated with playing video games, even cloud gaming can be too much for some people. But, to get to the point of this article, there are ways to play games on the cloud for free. This isn’t just for the people who are looking to keep costs associated with gaming to a minimum. A lot of people would like to know they are signing up for a good service before they actually put money down, which is why there are free trials, which let you sample a service before committing to it.

So if you’d like to find out how you can play free cloud games, read on below.

How do I get free cloud games?

There are two main routes that you can go down when looking for free games to play. The first of these routes is using a trial, or a ‘free’ level of a service. The second is by using a reputable website that has games on offer for free. Below we’ll talk about both.

Nvidia GeForce Now

Geforce Now is one of the more popular cloud gaming services out there. This is because it operates slightly differently to the other cloud gaming models out there. For a start, you don’t buy games on GeForce Now, and you don’t get access to a library of games when you play. What you do get is a way to link to your Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG or Uplay accounts that allows you to play the games you already own anywhere you have a good enough internet connection and a compatible device.

There are two levels of membership to GeForce now. Free membership will let you play your games for up to an hour and you might also have to join a queue if the servers are too busy at that particular time. 

Steam Link

For people who play games on their PC, Steam is most likely their go to provider. With Steam Link, you are able to access your video games that are in your steam library via the app, which is free to download.

Facebook Gaming

Anyone with a Facebook account is able to play on Facebook Gaming. The app originally started off as a place for people to view and stream others playing games, but with this comes some games that people are able to play themselves. You can access the games from multiple locations, including a dedicated app or from the home screen.

Playstation Now

If you are into gaming even the tiniest bit, you will have heard of Playstation. Playstation Now is the cloud gaming section of their business, which offers a 7 day free trial before you have to sign up.

The above companies are just the tip of the iceberg when we’re looking at businesses that offer a free trial or a limited part of the service in some way. What is important to remember when trying to find the best deal is that free can be a loaded term sometimes. By this we mean free usually comes with a catch. Free is often a limited service, or time period, that at the end you will have to opt out of signing up for the business’s paid service. On top of this, you should be very careful of any deals that seem too good to be true. Do your research and make sure you only give your money and details to legitimate organisations.