How much does it cost to put an ad on google?

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

So you are thinking of advertising on google? Well in this article we will explain how much that will cost.

Most businesses need to keep people coming to them in order to remain operating. For some organisations, they will have loyal customers that come back time and time again and the business is not looking to expand beyond that. But for most other businesses, that is not the case at all. They need new people coming through their virtual, or physical, doors.

The industry that deals with getting a business out to new audiences is marketing and most companies will market themselves in some capacity. Whether it’s in local magazines and newspapers, on TV, or as we’ll talk about more in this article, buying digital advertising space. Specifically, this article will discuss marketing using the Google ads platforms.

What is Google ads?

Google ads is a service that Google offers to businesses online that lets them advertise to people over the internet. The premise is that buying ad space on Google’s network of sites, such as YouTube and on search pages, will get more people visiting a website. This can then hopefully lead to more sales. 

There are other online advertising brokers that you can use, such as Yahoo, but Google ads is by far the most popular because of the volume of people that use the Google platform online.

How does Google ads work?

Google ads is based on a Pay Per Click model. This means that every time a person clicks on your advertisement, you have to pay Google a fee. Alongside this, the websites that are hosting your advertisements will be given a small payment for every click on an ad.

One of the key features of PPC advertising is that it doesn’t show up to everyone, only to people you want it to. So for instance, if you have a shop selling hats, you can define that you’d like your adverts to show up to people who search for ‘blue baseball cap’, for example. The words people search with online are known as keywords and they are a cornerstone to much of digital marketing.

What are some of the benefits of PPC?

For people in marketing, there are a lot of great aspects to PPC and the Google ads platform. For a start anyone can set up an account and begin to advertise as long as they are not breaking any of google’s rules. But the real power of PPC is the amount of data a marketer is able to access in order to tailor their campaigns to be more effective. With a huge database of search terms and queries, a marketer can create a campaign and then monitor its effectiveness. 

A PPC marketer can see how many impressions the ad is getting and how many people are clicking on the adverts and if properly set up they can see how many of these clicks turn into successful transactions. But further to this, they can adjust the campaign around demographics, location and previous buying history. For example, people who have brought a product from a shop can be served a different advert to someone who has not ever been to the website. Similarly, if someone has clicked through onto a website and added an item into their cart, but not brought it, they can be sent a different advert too. The flexibility of this gives a huge range of options to get a person to complete their buyer’s journey.

How much does it cost to put an ad on google?

To continue on from the points of the previous section, the amount it costs to put ads on Google can be adjusted during campaigns to get an effective cost per click ratio. The goal of a good PPC marketer is to get as many qualified leads from clicks for as little money as possible. This can be done because of the pay per click model that Google ads works on.

Google ads works like an auction. Marketers will bid on how much they are willing to pay Google everytime someone clicks their ad, the top bidder will get the best position on a web page or search results for the keyword they want to appear for. So the more popular keywords that have higher levels of competition, or are known to convert better, will demand a higher bid price. Similarly, lower competition keywords will cost less to appear for.

If you are willing to learn how to advertise on Google then the costs associated will be purely on ad budget. For the Google Search Network the average is $1 to $2 dollars a click and for the Google Display Network the average is $1 or less. The costs associated with this will go up considerably if you need to bring in the help of a professional to run the advertising campaign. However if a campaign is run successfully, the costs that are put into it will be returned by the increased revenue.