How to become more productive? Online Tools to be a Pro

Friday, March 20, 2020
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As long as people have been on this earth, they have tried to find solutions to problems that save time and are less complicated. ‘Productivity’ is a term that goes hand in hand with work. It is about completing the most amount of work possible within your contracted hours. This has led to many different techniques and schemes designed to maximise a worker’s output.

This is no more the case than in today’s fast-paced, busy work culture. However, sometimes people try to do so much at once, they end up being less productive. There are plenty of tools online to help with productivity, some help, and some do not. This article is going to look at some of the most useful we’ve encountered.


Toggl is an online time tracker. The software is aimed towards people who freelance, graphic designers, and consultants. It helps people who use it to understand where all their time is going, on what tasks, and for how long. It’s important to know what tasks you complete in a day and how long they take. This means you can effectively plan your coming days with realistic targets. Also, it helps freelancers price their work if they know roughly how long certain projects take to complete.


Slack is an integrated instant messaging tool that helps teams communicate both internally and with external clients and partners. The company’s tagline is, ‘Slack is where work happens’. Teams can share information and update each other on progress instantly. This means there is less time to wait for responses from emails that aren’t read. The interface can be arranged to have communication channels, which is a way of ordering conversations around topics and people involved in the project.


Asana literally positions itself as a team productivity tool. It is a way for teams to stay organised and focused. The software works by every project having a task created for it. The task can then have subtasks added, people can be assigned to it, with information added to provide extra clarity on the brief. People know exactly what stage a project is in, who it is assigned to, and what the due date is.

Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Calendar

The Google Suite of products can cover a huge amount of productivity needs. Google docs and sheets are online programs for writing documents and creating spreadsheets. They have a high level of functionality, can be accessed from anywhere, and are shareable with colleagues. This is great for productivity and team members can all work in the same doc, with live updates. They can comment on different parts and suggest edits as well.  

Google Calendar is great for organisation, different team members can be added so you can view their calendars and you can invite them to events. Setting up meetings is also very straightforward with Google calendar, simply add it into the calendar and invite the people needed by inputting their emails. There is also the functionality to have video calls through the calendar which is very helpful.


OnePassword helps resolve a real struggle that some people have - not remembering their password and logins for all the different sites they use. The software works as a password manager, digital vault, form filler and secure digital wallet. You need one secure login to access it and the software will remember your logins for other websites once you’ve provided it with the details.


There are so many rules to language and grammar that impact the effect words can have on the reader. For people who are not the strongest writers, making sure your text is error free and simple to read can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. It also takes a very long time to proofread. Grammarly helps overcome this by checking text for errors and suggesting ways that it can be improved. The plugin is simple to install and use as well, making it very straightforward to incorporate into your workflow.

Making your days as productive as possible can sometimes feel like you are chasing a constantly unattainable goal. While there are some factors this list doesn’t cover, such as motivation and concentration, the apps outlined above can streamline processes to let you concentrate on getting the actual work done, rather than the administrative side of things that takes up so much time.