U.S.A. License plate game

Saturday, September 18, 2021

In fact, it’s difficult for all of us to remember the names of all fifty states of the U.S. with their capitals. Maybe that’s the very reason why the U.S.A license plate game has been created. The game’s main idea is spotting license plates of different origins. When giving it a try, you train your brain and at the same time slowly remember all the states. 

The U.S.A license plate is mainly designed for two players. However, the players can be even up to four or more if grouped.  All the players must be at least 8 years old. 

Whenever you start the game, your main task is to identify the fifty states. The license plate design is your so-called “hint”. Two of you start to guess which license plate is for what state. In fact, there is no time limit. It is up to you. 

The U.S license plate game also includes state capitals. The size for the board game is 14.5 x 11.5 x 1.1.

The goal of the game

The Goal of the U.S.A License Plate Game is to spot as many license plates as possible. In fact, the main goal is to help people remember the names and capitals of the fifty states of the U.S. 

The game trains the brain of the player. It helps to think quickly and be attentive to details. 

U.S.A License Plate Game Rules

  • Two players 
  • Aged 8+
  • You decide on a timer
  • Scoring whenever you spot a license plate

To start the game you need to have a pen and some sheets of paper with you. The second step is to decide on the timer and set it up.  You will have to write down 26 letters of the alphabet to spot a license plate for each.

Sometimes people also prefer to play with numbers. It’s up to you. 

Whenever one of you spots a license plate, you get a point. If both of you spot the license plate, the point goes to the one who spots the first.

Both of you/ both groups should have a checklist to mark what they have spotted. You need to finish the game in two cases;

  • if the timer has ended 
  • if a player/ a group has spotted a license plate from each state.

Who has got the more points, he/she is considered the winner. 

Also, the players have two options of a game; cooperatively or competitively. That is you need to chore the highest for yourself. When playing competitively you need also to take into account the points of your opponent. 

During the competitive game who spots a specific car the first, he gets the point. 

Some points to take into account

You can define your own rules for the game as well. For instance, you can score differently for plates that are harder to guess. Moreover, you can also use wild cards, give higher points on different vehicles, and even set little time to answer. 

The game is available both online (printable cards) and offline. 

You can play even quicker if you decide to take off the tricky letters. You then give a chance to use the other two letters of the license plate instead of tricky letters.

Have some fun with the “Punch and Yell” rule

Those, who are keen on having a fun game can try the “Punch and Yell” rule. The idea is that every time one of the players spots a new state, he/she punches the other and yells. 

What if you have spotted something wrong? No worries. You will need to give yourself a slap or pull out a hair of yours. 

Let’s agree it’s kind of fun especially for teenagers and adults.