NEC announces two new deals around hybrid cloud technology and satellite technology

Friday, May 1, 2020
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The NEC Corporation has secured two deals recently, helping the organisation target new markets. The networking and IT business from Japan will do this by launching a multi-million dollar satellite system, as well as hybrid Cloud technology. This will be done through new partnerships with Intermedia and Sumitomo Corporation.

The new partnerships are with the aim of, ‘rapid global expansion into cloud-based communications and collaboration services’. The hybrid cloud part of this plan will be facilitated by using proprietary technology in Unified Communications as a service (UCaas) as well as Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), that Intermedia has made available. On this technology, NEC has formed two new platforms, NEC Univerge Blue Connect and NEC Univerge Blue Engage.

On this subject, Kimihiko Fukuda, SVP of NEC Corporation and president of NEC Platforms said, ‘The global NEC Group continues to be committed to helping customers solve a wide array of both business and societal issues and challenges, not the least of which is building a sustainable and more efficient society through the digital transformation of business infrastructure.’

Fukada continued by saying, ‘This partnership for the delivery of cloud-based communications, collaboration, and contact centre solutions with Intermedia allows NEC and its global network of partners to build toward a brighter future with the utmost care for quality, cost, and customer service.’

What are NEC Univerge Blue Connect and NEC Univerge Blue Engage?

As the world becomes more connected, it is vital for a business to be able to communicate and work from any location and at any time of day - both within an organisation and with outside parties. Both Connect and Engage are native to the cloud and created to serve multiple scales of business and their partners. Each serves a unique function to improve communication and efficiency for businesses.

NEC Univerge Blue Connect

This is a business communications platform that features a phone system, chat, video conferencing, and a file sync and share. This will be usable to all clients on either desktop, web, or on mobile. Making use of Intermedia’s born-in-the-cloud UCaas environment, NEC Univerge Blue Connect aims to provide a quality service at a competitive rate, by being easy to deploy, scalable, intuitive and reliable.

NEC Univerge Blue Engage

This new section of the NEC service will create a contact center for multiple business types, right up from single channels to large scale enterprises that operate across multiple channels. Again, utilising Intermedia’s technology, a CCaaS solution will be created. This will support businesses to create exceptional customer service.

NEC Partners with Sumitomo Corporation

The second announcement from NEC recently was a $190 million deal with the Sumitomo Corporation, who will create and launch NEC’s from satellite system outside of Japan. This will be called LOTUSat-1 Earth and will be a Vietnamese Earth observation satellite.

The plan is for the satellite to be launched in 2023, when it will partially be used to monitor natural disasters and climate change in Vietnam. This deal will be the first instance of a Japanese company utilising funds from the Official Development Assistance program, which is overseen by the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

In this deal, they will train personnel in the technology needed to operate and develop satellites. This is alongside a ground system, parabolic antenna, satellite control centre, mission data utilization centre and a user interface.

LOTUSat-1 will be fully functional and capable of providing images of the Earth in high definition, in all weather and climate conditions and time of day. There is a large demand for satellite images in Vietnam to accurately detail information around natural disasters and climate change, as well as use of natural resources.

The NEC Corporation has moved into a strong position within the IT and network technologies markets. Their technology allows both organisations and communities of people to communicate more effectively and share information safely, quickly, and securely. The announcement of these two new deals, with Intermedia and the Sumitomo Corporation, highlight the breadth of the market they can operate within. Success in these two areas will open up more doors to similar ventures in the future, helping the business reach an even larger market and solidify its current position.