Optimise your landing pages for conversion, what tools are out there?

Thursday, March 5, 2020
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Have you got the most out of your marketing activities?

So much time and resources are spent on acquisition channels that can be squandered at the last hurdle if you don’t have your landing pages built properly. But do you actually know how to create effective landing pages? This article will discuss what they are and some of the tools out there to help you optimise your acquisition process.

What are landing pages and why do you want to optimise them?

Within marketing, a landing page is part of a website that’s designed purely for the aims of a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s called a landing page because a user ‘lands’ on a website on this page, attracted there through marketing activities that have been conducted offsite. Some of these include paid ads, social media, and affiliate websites.

The landing page has one specific goal and that is what the entire page is designed around. Other webpages might have several reasons for being created, but a landing page is trying to direct the user to the CTA, or call to action. Some common CTAs are purchases, signups, and registrations.

Landing pages are effective because their messaging is not diluted by other brand messages or navigations to different parts of the website. They are made to lead people to a conversion and campaign goal. Typically there are two types of landing pages.

Lead Generation

This type of landing page utilises a form as a call to action. This form will collect data on the person which can then be used to create a list of potential customers to target with wider marketing techniques.


Ecommerce and Saas marketers use this often. The CTA on clickthrough pages aims to create a sale or a subscription. By clicking the CTA a user can enter into the checkout process or finish a transaction.

But what do you do if after all this, people are coming to your landing page, but not converting? There are companies out there that specialise in optimising landing pages to make sure that hard earned visitors aren’t lost at the final part of the sales funnel. This article will look at three of the most popular.



ClickFunnels was founded in 2014 and in that time has built up over 98,000 active members. It’s basic premise is to let entrepreneurs build sales funnels without the need of a wide team of developers and marketing experts to pay for and manage. It has a solid range of features not just related to landing pages including:

  • Squeeze pages
  • Webinars
  • Membership sites

Landing pages are a key part of sales funnels, their design, and getting the right people to the pages are at the core of the ClickFunnels process.


  • Set templates of 22 different funnels that have had proven success
  • Drag and drop editor for visual designing
  • Wide variety of page elements
  • Built in training to improve sales funnels


There are two different payment plans, ClickFunnels which is $97 a month, or Clickfunnels Platinum, which is $297 a month.



Unbounce is a specialist drag and drop landing page builder. It removes the need of developers to create professional designs and pages that convert.

The company was first founded in 2009, and in that time has worked with over 15,000 brands to optimise their landing pages.


  • Drag and drop design
  • Over 100+ already built templates
  • Copy and replicate successful pages
  • Add custom scripts and pixels
  • Script manager
  • Mobile responsive
  • Wordpress compatible
  • Access to Unsplash images
  • A/B testing


Premium: $159 / month

Enterprise: $399 / month

Essential: $79 / month



Leadpages was setup to let small businesses get online, enter marketplaces and grow. It’s used to collect leads and grow email lists, sell products and services, and improve brand engagement.


  • Templates optimised for conversion
  • Pre-built mobile responsive pages
  • Free custom domain with an annual purchase
  • Fast load times
  • Efficient analytics dashboard
  • A/B testing


Standard: $25 / month

Pro: $48 / month

Advanced: $199 / month

If you are looking to improve your sales funnel, acquisition, and conversions on marketing activities, then it is vital to have the resources to optimise your channels and learn. If you do not have a team of specialist marketers and developers that can handle this for you, these landing page optimisation services can make a huge difference. Getting your sales funnel and landing pages right is the difference between a business making it or not sometimes and the time saved using this service can be spent on making sure other areas of your business are functioning optimally as well.