Squarespace Review, How to build a website fast

Saturday, May 9, 2020
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Image Source: Squarespace.com

Are you building a website? If so, there are a lot of factors to consider.

For those who have not learnt to code, the most common route to getting a website live involves a sitebuilder platform. A sitebuilder provides you with the tools to create a website and deploy it to the internet. It’s a very competitive market, with lots of companies all vying for customers. Each platform has a unique selling point that makes it well suited to some and not well suited to others.

Understanding your capabilities and the needs of your website is vital to finding a platform that will give you the service you require. With so many products on the market, it’s important to do your research thoroughly. It is possible to change to a different platform further down the line if you do decide that you’d like to change, however it is complicated, resource draining and can cost a lot of money. So making sure you find the right one from the start can save a headache later on.

This article will look at Squarespace, one of the leading site builders available. It will discuss several key areas of its service and outline who its product is best suited for.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace lets a person with no coding experience build a website that looks professional. Using its content management system (CMS), you can simply edit web pages and update them when needed.

It works on a drag and drop, visual design system. You decide on a template, create the components of the page then drag them with the mouse where you want them and drop them into position, it’s a simple system that works very well. It’s in direct contrast to the lines of code that would have to be written to ‘traditionally’ build a website, that would then have to be rendered separately to see what has been built.

Squarespace is known for its beautiful templates, so while there is some flexibility on how you can design your site, it’s more rigid than other site builders. This has some benefits as well as some downsides.


There are four price plans to match your needs:

  • Personal - $16 a month
  • Business - $26 a month
  • Basic Commerce - $30 a month
  • Advanced Commerce - $46 a month

These costs are based on a monthly payment scheme, however, if you’d like to pay for an entire year upfront, the costs are reduced to $12, $18, $26, and $40 per month.

There is also the option of trialling the service out for two weeks before committing to buying it, which is useful to get a feel of the CMS and the capabilities it will provide your site.

Templates and Design

There are almost 110 templates available on Squarespace to build your site on. Every one of them has a great aesthetic, with a clean design and modern look. This is one of the areas where Squarespace stands out, it’s templates are in general a higher quality than other providers. These designs are really made the most of if they are coupled with professional photography and imagery, so if you’d like to maximise the look of your site, consider factoring this into your budget.

CMS Features

The CMS of Squarespace is well built and offers many benefits. The way you position content on the pages is straightforward to use and is adaptable to most needs. Templates are adaptable to a number of page functions including contact pages, about, and landing pages. This is great for people who lack a lot of experience building sites.


There is a slightly mixed result for the blogging features of Squarespace. What’s great is that you can write an unlimited number of blogs and display them stylishly. They can also be organised within categories and tags, which is helpful to navigate. On the downside is that there is no autosave or archive for older versions of posts.

For someone with limited experience in building sites, Squarespace is a fantastic option. It is also great for people who don’t have the time, knowledge, or need to create a bespoke site. The templates look great and you can very nearly have a ‘straight out the box’ site by adhering to them. For people looking for a bit more flexibility, they could find the features slightly constricting. It all comes down to understanding your needs and what functions the site has to fulfil, if this is understood, it becomes much easier to decide if Squarespace is the right site for you.