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Sunday, March 22, 2020
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The perpetual question, how can you get more traffic and sales through your business website?

Business owners and marketers are constantly returning to this question. What once worked, doesn’t now. Channels get too competitive and messaging gets drowned out. This is why entering into a new channel ahead of the curve can provide a huge boost to a business.

This article will talk about Taboola and native advertising. The concept of native advertising is not a new one, it has been around for a very long time, as has online applications of it. Even so, it is still a channel that doesn’t get as much attention as some of the other digital marketing strategies, such as PPC and SEO.

Taboola makes native advertising an accessible channel online that can drive engagement with audiences and open up new opportunities if applied correctly. Read on below to find out how:

What is Native Advertising?

Before we begin, let’s set a definition of what we’re talking about when we refer to ‘native advertising’. In its most straightforward form, native advertising creates ads in a way that mirrors the style and editorial formating of the content it is placed on. For example, if the ad was placed on a social network, it would look like a post on that social network.

Native advertising works well because the ads are less intrusive on a person’s browsing experience. Most people have ad blockers these days because of how annoying a pop up or overly forceful ad can be. The native ad will fit in seamlessly with the other content people are viewing.

Where can adverts be placed?

There are three main channels that native advertising can be distributed across - social, search, and open web.


If you have a social media profile, you will have seen an example of a native ad most likely. They appear in your feed and have the same format of a user generated post. However, they will be clearly labelled as an ad or sponsored post.


To take Google as an example, because it has the most amount of footfall out of the search engines. Native ads appear in the results pages, they look like any other search result, however they get prime position above the organic listings, as well as at the bottom of the page. The native ads will be clearly labelled ‘Ad’, for the users who are looking out for them.

Open Web

Marketing across social and search have grown exponentially over the last decade. The amount of publicity they have got means some marketers don’t put as much focus on the wider internet. People still visit websites and read publications that are not linked to social accounts. Users spend a lot of time on open web sites.

Native advertising on these publisher websites combines the strength of search and social ads. In depth data can be applied to highly specific audiences.

What is Taboola and how does it work?

Taboola is an advertising platform that helps marketers manage their native advertising campaigns. It reaches over one billion unique online users every month, which makes it the world’s largest content delivery platform.

It helps companies and publishers boost brand engagement and move people along a sales funnel towards a conversion. Through Taboola, a company can place a native ad on a huge range of websites. Some of these include NBC News, Daily Mail, The Weather Channel, EuroSport, and Sankei News.

Taboola will help target the ads to specific audiences and manage spend. Clear goals can be set for each campaign and reports generated inline with metrics of success. Taboola has a very powerful predictive engine that incorporates hundreds of factors into its algorithm to decide on the best place to situate an advertisement.

There are two main factors that will decide where your advert will be placed. The first is the targeting you define within your campaign rules. An ad will only appear where you want it to, and to the audience you define for it. The second factor is if a publisher accepts your content. Some publishers don’t want to be affiliated with certain products or sectors, which means your site might not be able to appear if it doesn’t match their editorial guidelines.

Taboola and native advertising are hugely powerful tools to help publishers and sites reach new audiences. Through highly specific targeting and engaging content, brands are able to drive a significant amount of traffic to their website.