The best 5 WordPress Security Plugins

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Are you safe online? How well protected is your website and all of your valuable data?

These questions, while not always being the nicest of subjects to think about, are extremely important. When you first created your website, particularly if this was your first time, you might not have even realised security was something you needed to sort out.

One of the great benefits of creating a site with WordPress is you are given complete control of your site, there is no intermediary or third party that defines what can and can’t be done. However, there is another side to this. You have to take charge and sort out every element of the site, from managing the updates to sorting out the security.  Depending on your level of experience and the amount of time you are willing to put into this task, this could be either a good or a bad thing. 

Because WordPress is so widely used and its community is extremely active, there are lots of solutions to help people with particular tasks. This is very much the case with security as well. There are numerous plugins that can be installed onto your site that will help with security tasks. This article will outline some of the best and most popular. Read on below to find out which ones might suit your needs. 

Why is website security important?

There are a lot of reasons why security is important. One of the most important ones is that a lot of websites store valuable information that is private and confidential. Losing this information to hackers could firstly be very damaging to the people who have had this data stolen and secondly could be damaging for you if it’s proven their data wasn’t protected properly. Further to this, a poorly defended website can get taken over by hackers and you lose control of the content on there. This could be extremely damaging to your brand. Alongside this, getting control back of your site and fixing the damage caused can be very costly and create cash flow issues for businesses.

Cyber crime is one of the most common forms of crime around the world, it’s easy to be complacent about it, but it happens everyday. 

The best 5 WordPress Security Plugins

To keep your site safe, there are a lot of plugins that could be used. Below we’ve outlined 5 of the best ones available on WordPress. WordPress does have some security features that are automatically used, but it’s important to add to these defences. It’s also important to use a web hosting company that is properly protected and trustworthy.


Malcare is a plugin that is designed to make your time spent on security more efficient. It will reduce the amount of hours and effort you put into keeping your site safe. It will remove malware completely autonomously, as well as viruses and other malicious software in under a minute. This is coupled with server protection and a strong firewall that keeps your site safe all hours of the day. 

Wordfence Security

Popularity is not always a sign of quality. However, when it comes to security, if people weren’t well protected, they wouldn’t use a security system again. Wordfence Security is one of the most popular WordPress security plugins on the market, with more than two million installs. It has a great dashboard that is easy for anybody to navigate and use. Some of the standout features of the service include data reports on website traffic and attempted security breaches. You also have a country blocking option available to remove threats from particular geographical locations.


Securi has a fantastic free option which will provide malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, security audits, security hardening, notifications, and after hack security processes. If you pay for the premium option, you also get a firewall feature. If you are on a tight budget, Securi's free option is one of the best around.

iThemes Security

You might have heard of this plugin when it was called Better WP Security. It’s another well known and frequently used option by people with WordPress sites. Whereas some of the other plugins in this list have some great free packages, iThemes Security has less of an appealing package unless you pay for the service. If you do, you’ll have access to one of the best WordPress security services on the market.

All in One WP Security & Firewall

This plugin has a host of great free options, this is coupled with a very intuitive interface that most people can navigate without hassle. You’ll also be provided with visual reports around your sites’ security and given guidance over what can be improved to make your site more secure. All in One offers site audit scans, firewall, and spam security as well as control over the strictness of security you place on certain areas.

Keeping your WordPress site safe is extremely important. Even if you are on a tight budget, or don’t have much spare time to devote to online safety, there are plugins available that can help. Some of the free options available are extremely powerful tools and can be the big difference between your site and business working or not.