The Best AWS Services To Choose in 2020

Saturday, August 1, 2020
AWS Services

Amazon Web Services has been a record breaking element of Amazon’s business. With a commanding percentage of the cloud computing market, it is nearly twice the size of its nearest competitor. This helped AWS to become a $10 billion element of Amazon’s business, making it one of the most valuable assets the company has.

AWS hasn’t become so successful by chance, there are multiple reasons it’s the largest stakeholder in the cloud computing market. This article won’t go into a detailed analysis of all of the successes in the AWS business plan, but it will discuss in more depth some of the great services it offers and how they can benefit your business.

In the last decade, the technology industry has been turned upside down by the development of cloud computing. It’s completely changed things. Businesses no longer have to fund and maintain expensive hardware and the infrastructure that supports the hardware. Instead, utilising cloud computing, a business can have access to the right amount of resources they need, without having to input any more time and funds beyond what’s directly relevant to get a task done.

IT teams can utilise the AWS platform on varying scales. Engaging with AWS means utilising some of the great services and features provided by AWS to help businesses make the most of their cloud platform. Below we’ll cover some of the best and most popular services on offer.

Amazon EC2 - Elastic Compute Cloud

With EC2, it becomes possible to create instances, otherwise known as virtual machines. It also facilitates other functions that are vital in server management, such as security, ports, and storage with a particular operating system. Users don’t have to create instances completely from scratch either, there are pre-configured templates of instances to make use of, these are called AMIs (Amazon Machine Image). These templates can then be customised to match the particular needs of a business.


Now more than ever, it’s vital to be on top of your website and know how it is functioning. CloudFront lets an operator know how fast a site is working. Beyond this level of analysis, CloudFront also helps a site to run faster. It does this by improving the sharing of both static and dynamic web content. This means data around .css, .html, and image files are viewable quicker to users on a website. Alongside this, CloudFront helps with security when serving images, data, and videos to users.

Amazon ELB

ELB helps with the distribution of load between instances. It automatically understands when one instance is occupied, and sends the load to another instance that can deal with the amount of traffic about to hit the site’s infrastructure. By using ELB, server hotspots are avoided and only healthy targets are utilised to manage traffic. There are three options of load balancer available in ELB: Application Load Balancer, Network Load Balancer, and Classic Load Balancer.

Amazon SQS

Utilising SQS, a business can manage the message queue service more efficiently. SQS actually stands for Simple Queue Service, it will help both messages and data move between applications. This is as well as sending messages between services, such as DynamoDB, S3 and EC2.

Amazon S3

With S3 a business’s data becomes a lot more secure. This is because S3 stores data across three different locations within a certain region. This means that data security is high, and there is further protection if there are ever any failures, errors, and even threats. No matter what the size of a business is, a company can make the most of S3 to store, retrieve and protect their data. Alongside this, data can be managed, classified and reported on, allowing for high level analysis and analytics over all objects.

AWS services can be an absolutely invaluable asset to businesses. If a business makes use of the cloud and would like to improve or streamline this in any way, making use of the AWS services can help immensely. If utilised properly, so much time and resources can be saved, meaning employees and budgets can begin aiming for innovation. Removing the overheads of hardware and the management of it can be an extremely liberating moment for businesses, particularly tech focused ones. Amazon Web Services offers a great product, which is why it is the dominant force within the market. If you’re not already utilising them in some form, considering them in some form could dramatically save you time and money.