The Best eCommerce Web Hosting Solutions

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

So much of our lives are online these days. We talk to our friends, work, have fun, and complete tasks like shopping for groceries and clothes. As we click mindlessly from one website to another, sometimes it is easy to forget the hugely elaborate systems that are in place behind the screens that let this all happen.

If you run an online store, you will be more than aware of the logistics involved with keeping your shop running and your customers happy. But did you know that the web hosting package you have can impact the performance of your site and satisfaction of your customers? In this article, we’ll explain what the impact of getting your hosting right can be on your online store. 

But in case you were wondering if this applies to you in particular, let’s explain what we mean by eCommerce.

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce can be called a few different things which you might have heard of. These are electrical commerce and internet commerce. But basically, whatever the term used is, it means using the internet to buy and sell goods, products, and services. In this case, the money is also transferred via the internet.

There are four main types of eCommerce that online businesses fall into:

  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
  • Consumer to Business (C2B)

If you run an online store, your site will fall into one of these categories. But do you know about the web hosting that keeps your store online? The next section will tell you all about it.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service every website must use that lets them be visible on the internet to other people. A company will store all the important information about your website, the code, data, styling and functions, on a server. Every time a person wants to visit your website, their internet browser will put a request in to the server that stores your website’s information. The server will then send this to the computer and it will load in the user’s web browser.

There are three main types of web hosting:

Shared hosting

This is the cheapest form of hosting available and the most commonly used. The server and its resources are shared between multiple websites. For websites just starting out, this hosting is the best option, but if you have a higher demand for resources your site might not perform how you’d like.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

This is the middle ground in terms of hosting packages. You still technically share a server with other websites, but its resources have been divided up so that your site is allocated specific resources that other websites are not able to access.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers mean that a server and its resources are only usable by the website that owns it. This offers the best performance but is also the most expensive and technically challenging to run.

How can web hosting impact eCommerce performance?

For people just starting out in the industry, it might not be clear straight away how web hosting can impact the performance of an eCommerce site. Below we’ll cover some of the most important aspects.

Server Uptime

If a server goes offline, so does your website. This is a lost opportunity for sales. Making sure a server is online as much as possible is vital. If an internet business is no longer online, then it’s not functioning.

Load times

Where your server is located and the content delivery network it is a part of can impact the load times of a site. Internet users are often a fickle bunch, if a page takes too long to load, they will leave. This is missed business.


If you are handling payments, you’ll have access to customers’ extremely sensitive data. If you have an insecure web hosting provider, then your data is vulnerable.

The best eCommerce web hosting solutions

If you already sell online, or are looking to get started, it’s important to get your web hosting right. It can dramatically make a difference in the performance of your site and the amount of resources and time you have to devote to just making sure your site runs properly. Below we’ve listed some of the best providers to begin your research with:

When finding the best eCommerce web hosting for your business, it’s important to understand exactly what your requirements are. Once you know what you need, it’s a lot easier to compare this to what the providers offer. The list of sites above is a great place to start your research, but make sure to thoroughly conduct your own search to find the one that is right for you.