Tips for Marketing, Finding Funding, and Working from Home During Coronavirus

Friday, May 1, 2020
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How can you keep your business moving forward during lockdown?

In an unprecedented way that most of us around the world have not experienced before, the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live and work. There is almost no industry that has not had to face the implications from societies locking down and fighting the infectious disease.

Despite the huge shift in society’s current processes, there are many businesses that have adapted and are finding some success in this troubling time. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the tactics businesses have been using to keep moving forward. Read on below to see if any can be applicable to you and your operations.

Re-evaluate marketing channels

If your marketing strategy was built on a pre-lockdown model, there are probably some adaptations you can make to improve metrics. For instance, if you are paying for a physical ad space on public transport, the amount of people seeing your ad has been completely slashed.

Each business is different so you’ll have to individually assess your metrics, but the overarching trend is that the world has gone even more digital. With record numbers of people at home and out of work, they have more time to spend on the internet. Adapting your spend to digital channels could place your business in front of more people at the moment.

Also, and rather unfortunately as well, there are a lot of businesses that can’t allocate money to spend on advertising at the moment. The implication of this is that in some sectors, the cost of placing ads has reduced.

Focus on community

As with so many businesses around the world, it might be the case that sales have really fallen. One strategy businesses are taking here is to focus on their communities. Building a strong base of communication with customers will help create brand loyalty that is an investment for the future, when people are able to begin spending more again.

Practice Your Virtual Pitch

So much of the world has gone online and with it, so have sales cycles and pitching. If you’re in an industry where this is needed there are a few things to consider alongside the normal tips for pitching. These new points revolve around making sure your process is as smooth as possible, do you know how to operate all of the applications you’ll be using? Can files be transferred safely and securely? Do you have a clear connection? These questions, amongst many others need to be answered to make sure your virtual pitch goes off without a hitch.

Look into finance options

Businesses of all sizes and positions are being hit hard by the lockdown. Because of this, governments and banks around the world have been providing varying financing options to help businesses out. While financing should be researched extensively before committing to, there are options available which could be the difference between staying afloat and not.

Use the right tools to work remotely

Many businesses have moved to a remote working system. To do this effectively, there will have to be some adaptation to the tools you use and the way you work. This can vary from scheduling new meetings to bring the team together to discuss work and actions, to utilising new collaboration tools. Some of these could include google docs, sheets, and trello.

Find a virtual meeting tool that works for you

Even though meetings can no longer be in person, it is still good for the team to talk and discuss projects. Virtual meetings are a great way to fill this void in the team. Some apps work better than others, depending on what’s needed from them. Look into Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Skype to begin with.

For most people, the current outbreak is not an easy time. Many businesses are struggling as lockdowns have impacted numerous industries. For those who can reallocate spare finances for marketing activities, there are options available that some businesses have been finding success with. For others, there are financial packages that should be looked into to remain operating. And for even more, consider how to make your team work as effectively as possible by using tools that can help you adapt to new work styles.