Top 5 Meditation Apps, Learn To Balance Life

Saturday, June 20, 2020
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Life can get to us all at points.

There’s a thousand and one jobs that need doing, usually by yesterday, and it’s hard to know when you’ll ever get around to them. That’s not even taking into account all the things you would actually like to be doing. Sometimes this can all build up until it becomes too much.

You need to take a bit of time to focus on yourself.

This is why in recent years, meditation apps have become increasingly popular. They have allowed people to access relaxation techniques that help people balance their lives. Without apps like this, people would not have had access to this information so easily.

This article is about the top 5 meditation apps that can help you to find balance in your life. Read on below to see what one suits you best.

What is meditation?

You might have heard all sorts of stories about meditation. Some things you might have read or watched in films. Meditation comes in a lot of different forms and can be done in a lot of ways. There are general techniques that can be used, which are specific to different practices, such as Buddhism, but because mediation is a very personal practice, it is usually different for everybody.

In general though, meditation is where you use a technique to understand, and sometimes train, your mind and emotions. It often involves a quiet period of time where you are by yourself, sitting comfortably, and reflecting inwards. In a lot of styles, there is focus placed upon your breathing and controlling that as a way of reaching a deeper state of relaxation.

How can meditation help with your day to day life?

For many at first, it can be difficult to understand how meditation can be beneficial. What a lot of people who sometimes dismiss meditation don’t realise, is that a lot of the claims are supported by science. This article won’t provide a full list of the positive impact meditation can have on your life. Instead, we’ve briefly outlined some of the most prominent points below.

Meditation can improve mental health

A lot of people are already aware of the ways meditation can help with mental health, these include improved awareness, calmness, and clarity in situations. Alongside this, people often say their focus improves as well. As well as those benefits, meditation can also reduce the impact of depression, anxiety, and stress.

Meditation can help you physically as well

Not everyone realises that stress can cause the body to react with physical symptoms. Stress hormones can wreak havoc on all different parts of the body, creating higher blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart rates. This is as well as making your body less effective at fighting off viruses, interrupting your sleep, and reducing the amount of energy you have.

Through meditation, as well as other relaxation techniques, we can control our bodies to activate a part of the nervous system that stops stress hormones from being released. This part of our body is called the parasympathetic nervous system. By practicing meditation, it's possible to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and inflammation. 

The Top 5 Meditation Apps


Headspace is perhaps one of the best known apps in this area. It was launched back in 2010 and has become very popular. There are over 60 million people in 190 countries that use the app. It’s a great way to learn the beginning techniques of meditation and mindfulness. There is even a free basics course that has 10 lessons to get you started. 


Alongside guiding users with meditation techniques, this app has other features that people thoroughly enjoy. Calms unique selling point is that it has options to use exclusively designed music that will help you either focus, relax, or sleep. Alongside this, there is a great touch of the Sleep Stories feature, this has celebrities such as Stephen Fry and Mathew McConaughey narrate stories to you, perfect for calming you before you go to sleep.


Portal takes a slightly different approach to other meditation apps on the market. Instead of the usual guided meditations, portal aims to teleport users to places of relaxation. This means you could be sent to a forest, and listen to the relaxing sounds coming from amongst the trees. Or perhaps you’d prefer the gentle crashing of waves onto a beach. These are just some of the relaxing experiences you can have with Portal.

Simple Habit

Simple Habit is all about helping us work in meditation to our already full lives. It has short meditations that can greatly reduce the amount of stress and also give a calmness to our minds. You can also select topics that interest you and the app will tailor itself to you around these interests. 

Stop, Breathe & Think

Some people can become reliant on the guided meditations that apps provide, which in some cases misses a large point of developing a meditation practice. Stop, Breathe & Think asks you to first reflect on your day and how you are feeling, this is then used to recommend meditations that could be beneficial to you. 

Everyone should take a bit of time to focus on themselves. Through meditation, you can learn to give yourself a moment in the day to understand how you are feeling and what you can do about it. The above apps are a great way to bring a bit of balance to your life and concentrate on yourself, helping you to live happier and healthier.