Top Cloud Hosting Conferences - What's new in the market?

Monday, February 24, 2020
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How are you staying on top of the lastest cloud hosting developments?

There is no better way to understand the latest trends and emerging technologies in a sector than to attend industry conferences. This is particularly so with cloud hosting. The industry is developing so fast, experts within the field have to keep their fingers on the pulse to remain credible, which is why conferences are so important.

Conferences give an idea of the direction the market will be moving in over the next year and speculate on how their industry will adapt to new market pressures. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top cloud hosting conferences, so you can see the businesses that help shape the cloud hosting world.

Google Cloud Next ‘20: Digital Connect

From April 6 to 8 Google will be holding ‘Google Cloud Next ‘20: Digital Connect’. Because of recent events around the spread of Covid-19, the physical portion of the conference has been cancelled. However it is going ahead as a digital conference.

Google, as with so many areas of the internet, are a big player in the cloud hosting world. Google Cloud Next is a 3 day event for IT professionals, Google experts, developers and executives. It offers them the opportunity to network, collaborate, and come up with ideas for the future. This will still be facilitated in the digital format, with keynotes and breakout sessions still available.

If you have a particular issue or challenge, as with the physical event, it is possible to connect with Google experts, whocan provide the solutions you need to move forward. Google cloud products you have an interest in can also be researched in depth, through conversations with the people who actually made them.

Beyond the above, there is a showcase and labs element to the conference. This means interactive meetups where people are completely immersed in boot camps, games, panels and much more.

Unlike the physical conference, where the prices for general registration are $1,699. Google Cloud Next ‘20: Digital Connect will be a free event and people who already bought tickets will be refunded.

AWS re:Invent

Amazon is really at the forefront of the cloud hosting experience. The AWS re:invent is put together for the cloud computing community around the world. It has a variety of activities to take part in, including over 2,500 technical sessions, training opportunities, keynote speakers, and after-hours events.

If you are a developer, engineer, system administrator, systems architect, or a technical decision maker, the event is curated to your specialisms and can be eye opening. Industry best practices will be outlined across disciplines such as cloud architecture, continuous deployment, security and identity, large-scale migrations, machine learning and much more.

To attend the event, the registration fee is $1,799.

Microsoft Azure + AI Conference

As with the previous two conferences, Microsoft Azure + AI Conference is held by a market leader. The premise is to bring the top talent from Microsoft together with cloud and AI industry professionals.

The reason for combining the topics of Cloud and AI is because artificial intelligence will drastically impact how the industry operates. Discussing the future of the industry without the topic of AI being a large part of the conversation would miss one of the main governing factors of the industry’s future. The 2019 conference held talks around vision systems, voice interaction, machine learning, and deep learning. These are all exciting prospects for the future of AI and wider industries.

The conference usually runs as a 3 day event and costs $1699 for early bird tickets and $1799 after the early bird period.

WebPros Summit

For 3 days every year industry experts congregate in Atlanta for the WebPros Summit. From operations personnel, to development teams, and system administrators, there is the latest information to keep professionals at the forefront of their niche. New technologies, trends and networking opportunities are on the agenda and allow experts to generate new ideas that keep the Cloud Hosting industry progressing.

In the past, attendees have had the opportunity to listen to market leaders from companies such as cPanel, Plesk, WHMCS, Flock, and Oracle, deliver keynote speeches - amongst many others.

Given the agile, fast moving, and highly evolved nature of the internet, it is vital to stay up to date with the latest developments. The best in the industry will go one better than this by getting ahead of the current situation and looking to the future. This is why attending leading conferences is so important. The best in the business will actively prepare  for what is coming and even help guide it in the right direction. If you are unaware of what is coming, a person becomes reactive and sometimes even passive. The professionals that lead industries do just that, join the community and help lead the consensus into the future.