Top WordPress Tutorials, Learn WordPress Quickly

Sunday, July 12, 2020
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To get this far, you’ve already come a long way.

When you decided you wanted to build a website, particularly if you’d never done it before, there was lots of new information that didn’t always make sense. With hard work and plenty of learning, you managed to decide on a website builder and CMS. You’ve made a great choice by going with WordPress. It’s the market leading website builder for a reason.

When it comes to building, running, and managing websites, people build entire careers in this field. This means that learning everything can’t be done overnight. That being said you can learn the key information you need fairly quickly and get your website up and running very fast. This article will point you in the direction of some of the top WordPress tutorials out there, so you can have your site live in no time.

One of the great things about WordPress is that you are in complete control of your site. This means you have the freedom to run it how you want to and your website isn’t controlled by a third party - unlike some other website building services. This freedom does come at a cost and depending on your willingness to learn and technical knowledge, this can be seen as either good or bad. But basically, the cost of that freedom is that you have to control every element of the site. This includes security, updates, and troubleshooting. All of these can be learnt and implemented easily, like millions of people around the world have already. If you are unsure where to start, look into some of the recommended tutorials below.

Top WordPress Tutorials To Learn The Platform Quickly


Almost everyone that has a WordPress site will have come across WPBeginner at some point on their journey. They claim to be the, ‘largest free WordPress resource site for beginners.’ While this hasn’t been verified, it does look to be true when considering the sheer scale of information they have available. 

WP Beginner aims to create up to date tutorials that are simple to understand. The people they hope to help with this are less technical and computer focused, but still need a website. For example, bloggers and small businesses.

They offer a great resource to get started and guide you through the tools you might need, with both blogs and video guides.


While this isn’t a direct recommendation for a tutor on the YouTube platform, you should use YouTube as a valuable resource to learn how to run your website. Particularly if you are a visual learner, YouTube is perfect to guide you through troubleshooting and installations. Some videos on there are better than others, so like with everything, it’s good to research thoroughly. But some of the walkthroughs are perfect and can be followed click for click.

Udemy & Codecademy

If you are looking to get more into the technical side of running a website, then you might have to look into picking up some basic coding knowledge. While this isn’t completely necessary to run a WordPress site, it can make your life a lot easier. HTML & CSS are great languages to visually tailor your site. Javascript is also a very useful language to add further functionality to your pages. Sites like Udemy and Codecademy can offer a great education in this side of running a WordPress site.

There are two different variations of a WordPress site you can have, this is either or is the variation that gives the freedom and control we have been referring to in this article. However, the site does have useful information which can be applied to both variations of  site. They have a ‘learn’ section which you should check out to get information straight from the source.

Community Forums

Alongside the above areas to find tutorials, you should make use of the community forums. is an open source platform that is driven by the innovation of members of the community that use it. Make sure to check out the forums for help and guidance on areas you are stuck with and can’t find more information on.

Learning WordPress can be a quick and easy task to get started. You can have a website live in little to no time. However, truly getting comfortable with the platform and resolving issues can take longer. By going through the above tutorials and staying patient, you can build an amazing site that caters to your needs.