UpWork: Find your freelancer? Is it that easy?

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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The internet has been the great disrupter for many industries. From traditional shopping outlets, to the news and media, transportation, and everything in between.

Barely any part of society hasn’t been touched by the influence of the internet. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the way we find work and put together teams has been revolutionised as well. Today’s article will concentrate on Upwork, an online platform that connects individuals and businesses needing work, with freelancers who can deliver that work.

What type of work can you find a freelancer for on Upwork?

The scale of people and businesses using Upwork is huge. Freelancers, sole traders, agencies, and multinational corporations all use the platform to find work and get their briefs completed.

The list of services on offer by professionals is extremely impressive. From administrators, to software developers, designers, marketing agencies, copywriters, data inputters, translators, and customer support reps. The list goes on and on. The one common denominator is that all of the work has to be pitched, reviewed, and completed via the internet. This means the nature of most tasks is computer based.

The Advantages of Upwork

Fill job positions quickly

Upwork has a large workforce that is looking for immediate work. If you have a job that needs completing, depending on the expertise wanted, you could have several pitches within 24 hours. Hiring them is simple and straightforward, meaning they can begin work as soon as possible.

Find freelancers that fit to your exact needs

When putting a brief out for tender, you can set the criteria you expect people to match when they pitch. This makes it easy to filter candidates by ones that are the perfect fit for your needs. Some of the most common considerations are:

  • Experience
  • Depending on the complexity of what needs doing or how important it is, you might want to make sure you have an expert on the case to deliver the results. At other times, you might prefer to work with a person with less experience who might be more open to fitting within your work style.
  • Price
  • Do you have a budget? You can set the amount you are willing to pay for a specific piece of work and freelancers are given the option to pitch for the work at that price or not.
  • Availability
  • Do you need someone to start right away? Or could they begin in a month’s time? Also, if you know how many hours you need to be worked, you can find freelancers with that amount of availability.

Access To Talent From Around The World

One of the best things about Upwork is that you have access to a talent pool from around the world. Do you need a Ukrainiane translation service? You can find native speakers with ease. Perhaps you need a travel article written about hikes in Argentina, you can find freelancers with local knowledge and relevant skills.

How To Put Together and Manage A Freelance Team for Product Development

Many companies turn to Upwork to find a range of freelancers to complete a wider brief. Specialist tasks will be done by a contractor, while the overall project will be managed in house by the company. This remote form of working with a team is becoming more and more common and there are certain understandings and skills needed to make sure it is a success.


As with so many things in life, it’s vital to trust the people around you. Because you are not in the same room as the people you are working with, you have to make sure you all trust each other to complete the work you need.


Clear communication is vital for teamwork to be efficient and seamless. You can optimise this by using the latest technology to share work, such as trello and google docs.


With appropriate goals set, everyone in the team knows what they need to be working on and what’s expected of them.


As with all parts of working within a team, it sometimes takes practice to understand how other people like to work or need the briefs presented. Clear, constructive feedback is essential to making sure work is delivered how you need it to be.

Upwork is an amazing platform to find talented individuals. To get the most out of it, you have to have a clear understanding of what you want from people you are hiring. You will be paying for their time after all and don’t want to waste resources because of poor planning.