What are the advantages and disadvantages of online gaming?

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Gaming has become a hugely popular pastime. Whereas once upon a time, it was thought that only a particular type of person played video games, or only people of a certain age, now opinions have completely changed. People of all different types, ages, and backgrounds play video games, and the size of the market shows just how popular a way it is to relax, socialise, and have some fun.

There are multiple different ways a person can play their games, location, hardware, and finances all play a big part in this. One of the most popular ways for people to play games is online via the internet. This could mean as part of a cloud gaming service, or an internet based game website, or connecting to other players via the internet to compete and join forces with one another.

But as with so many things in life, there are good parts and there are bad parts to online gaming. This article will go into detail about both sides of the argument, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of online gaming.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online gaming?

Below we’ll weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of online gaming.

What are the good parts of online gaming?

Playing video games online has so many benefits, it would be difficult to cover them all in the scope of this article. Instead, here are some of the best parts of online gaming.

A way to relax and unwind

For people all over the world, when they get home after a long day of work, school, or running errands, they want to relax and switch off. Some people like to read a book, watch TV, or listen to music. Playing a video game can give you that exact amount of escapism needed to help you forget about that long day and begin to chill out.

Socialise with friends

Online gaming has a huge benefit, that it can connect people from all corners of the world that have an internet connection. For many people, especially during multiple lock-downs because of coronavirus, playing video games was the only way they could talk and socialise with other people. Online gaming lets people who are friends outside of the game to catch up and play together online, but it also helps people to meet each other and find new people to talk to.

Games can be educational

There can sometimes be a lot of outdated stigma around games. But video games are a fantastic way to deliver educational content to children as well as adults. Particularly, games are able to develop reading skills, memory, brain speed, concentration, and help a child learn to multitask. Another way playing games can help people that are playing in teams is by encouraging teamwork.

What are the bad parts of online gaming?

As with most things in life, there can be some downsides as well as upsides. But the trick to managing some of these downsides is to make sure games are played in moderation. 

Can only play with an internet connection

Playing games via the internet has a lot of great plus points. However, sometimes that reliance on being connected to the internet can be a downside as well. As the world gets more connected to the internet, it is less and less common that we aren’t able to get an internet connection. However, for this exact reason it is even more frustrating when something goes wrong and you can’t play your game because the internet is down or not available.

Lack of physical activity

This point only really becomes a problem if a person is replacing time when they should be being active with video games. Because a game is played sitting down in a chair, the exercise a person gets from playing is minimal. If a person was to play games for most of their spare time, they would not be getting the exercise and fresh air that they need to stay healthy.

So to summarise the main points:

Advantages of online gaming

  • Relax and unwind
  • Socialise with friends
  • Learn new skills and information

Disadvantages of online gaming

  • Can only play with an internet connection
  • Lack of physical activity

There are a lot of other pros and cons to online gaming that this article hasn’t been able to discuss, the above points are some of the most frequently discussed. Ultimately, by approaching online gaming respectably, and by making sure you keep a balanced lifestyle, playing games is a fantastic hobby to take part in.