What is Enterprise SEO?

Monday, August 16, 2021

You might have come across different definitions of Enterprise SEO, but still wonder what is it? Well, Enterprise SEO is the act of developing search engine rankings for huge enterprise companies. It is aimed at improving the income of those organizations and obtaining an innovative and strategic approach to developing your business.

The main Enterprise-level approaches are extent content creation, technical SEO management (including keyword research, competitor’s analysis, link outreach) and optimization. 

In case you imagine how enterprise SEO works let’s practice:

Look at Amazon. It has millions of pages and billions in revenue. 

Now let’s take a smaller website like Mazeless to compare:

If we look only at URLs, Mazeless is tiny in comparison to Amazon. 

Many argue now that enterprise SEO is all about working with huge websites. Some people think enterprise SEO relates to the business's size, that is to say working with big companies with complex processes. Maybe they are just different situations, each of which has its own challenges and difficulties.

Well, as you can see Mazeless provides professional Website Audit Reports on how you can improve your rankings and usability suggesting different services.

In addition Mazeless has 187,000 pages indexed in Google.

The proficient enterprise SEO companies' efforts can get essential traffic, make your website pop up on the top of SERPs using various keywords, boost your brand status and so on.

Distinguish Enterprise SEO from Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO applies to small websites consisting of not more than hundreds of pages.But Enterprise SEO refers to huge websites consisting of some thousand pages. 

Generally, large websites prefer to use enterprise SEO, as it helps to make specific strategies at the collective balance linking SEO, social and content marketing together.

Besides, large agencies and corporations have already earned their specific role in marketing and possessed a more detailed organizational part complete with different branches.

Now, let’s discuss some challenges of enterprise SEO!

Crawlability and Indexability

Want to rank higher on Google? Well, crawlability and indexability are essential factors for that. These factors become more important when you are working with large websites. 

In case you wish to make a website easier to crawl and index you should follow these steps:

  • Set up strong internal links
  • Update your site’s content
  • Improve your page load time
  • Prevent the use of duplication

Optimization Templates

Whenever working with a large site you will need an optimizing template.

You wonder why? Well, optimizing your work makes it easier to handle multiple tasks at once. You can create a template to define which work details are the most important during scheduling. In this way you do not need to rewrite meta or no index tags on every page.

Quickly Finding and Solving Issues

So, imagine that you are working with a large enterprise-scale site with various challenges. The most important thing here to do is to divide the large site into some sections and crawl each one repeatedly. This will help you find issues easily and fix them. 

To successfully solve your problem you need to establish regular processes which will help you classify, seek solutions, set up the action and reach success.

Overall, one thing you should know is that people are going to read testimonials and check your reviews before engaging with a company. That’s what SEO agencies concentrate on their target audience.