What is the Cheapest Email Hosting?

Saturday, September 5, 2020

If you use the internet regularly, it’s almost impossible not to have an email address. Without one, so many functions and services are just simply not available. But as with so many things in life, not all email accounts were created equal. Some are good and some are better, some are cheap and others are even cheaper. But what one is right for your needs?

This article will look at what is the cheapest email hosting in 2020 so far, as well as go into more detail about email hosting and what to look out for. So if you are looking to find a better or cheaper email hosting provider, read on below to find one that suits you.

But before we begin, so everyone is on the same page, let’s explain what email hosting is.

What is email hosting?

Email hosting is usually offered by a hosting company. The provider will rent out servers to be used for email by its clientele. If a person or company has a domain name and wants email addresses that matches their domain name, they would need to make use of an email hosting service. So for instance, if your domain was example31.com you might want a series of email addresses for staff and business use such as ‘team@example31.com’. 

How does email hosting work?

In many ways, email hosting is like a lot of other web hosting services that are online. If you want an email account it can be quite straightforward, you simply sign up with an internet services provider (ISP), register with Google, and purchase a web hosting account. This is just one way you can get an account, with many other providers available. 

Making use of email hosting services that businesses provide is a quick way to improve your service by making it both more efficient and more reliable. The service that you receive depends on the provider you end up using but, as an example, you might be able to support larger attachments than you could previously. Or perhaps your inbox will be given more space for storage, file sharing becomes enabled, or you get access to programs or apps. Gmail’s gsuite and Microsoft Office online are good examples of this. 

Once you have signed up, you will be able to use a custom domain on your email address. There are amazing services available that can cost less that $1 a user per month and that have free trials. With all this it makes it very straightforward for curious people to explore what’s on offer with email hosting. 

The cheapest email hosting providers

Cheap does not always mean the best. In fact, when the internet is concerned, you should be wary of going for the very bottom of the market without doing extensive research. Particularly if you are using the email hosting for a business or personal email. You have sensitive data and information within your email account that could cause some serious headaches if the security was compromised or you lost your data. With this in mind, it’s important to find the balance between affordable email hosting providers and ones that can be relied on. Read on below to find our top picks.


Bluehost is amazing for smaller businesses that don’t have many employees and would like to keep the costs down of email accounts. A basic package can cost £2.22 a month and the plus package is £4.40 a month.


If you are looking for value for the best price, Hostinger is right up there as a top choice. You will have access to plenty of perks such as a calendar app and video integration. For the business email hosting plan, you can pay $0.99 per month per user and for the enterprise email hosting plan, expect $2.49 a month per user.


DremHost’s email hosting is solid and offers a range of packages to choose from. You will have access to high level security features and 25gb of storage. A monthly plan with DreamHost is $1.99 a month, but if you are willing to commit to a year upfront, the cost reduces to $1.67 a month.

Finding the right email hosting for you and your business will depend on what your requirements are. Understanding your needs is a great way to begin filtering out what providers will match what you are looking for.