WPEngine - Wordpress for everyone? Pricing vs ease

Sunday, April 12, 2020
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Even people with little or no experience of creating a website have heard of WordPress, that’s how big the online site builder has become. What these people might not realise is that for a site to go live on WordPress, a hosting package has to be brought with it as well.

Buying a hosting package lets a website be stored on a server, so when an internet user wants to visit that website, the server can send the data and code associated with the website to be loaded into the user’s internet browser.

There are multiple types of hosting and hosting providers available for websites, each offering slightly different services which will match some sites’ needs more than others. This article will go into detail about the most prominent managed Wordpress host, which is WP Engine. This provider hosts more than 90,000 Wordpress sites.

Managed hosting is a hands off approach to keeping a website online, it lets the company you buy the web hosting package with run the technical side of keeping your website online and the security tight. It’s great for people who want to concentrate on their website and not get distracted by the technical side of website maintenance.

This point is the main discussion around WPengine, is the ease of use worth the price tag associated with the service?

WP Engine

WP Engine was founded 10 years ago in 2010. It’s a managed hosting provider that specialises solely in Wordpress sites. This specialisation allows WP Engine to offer a service that a lot of other hosting providers don’t have the resources to replicate. Technical details such as plugin management and website performance are taken care of so website owners and bloggers don’t have to think about them.

One of the other benefits of WP Engine focusing solely on Wordpress is that it makes setup and installation extremely straightforward, because there are no other variables, the process can be integrated seamlessly with the WordPress system.

However, for the WP Engine service you have to pay more than with other providers.


WPEngine has four price packages that a website can use. These start at $35 a month and run up until you reach a custom price point. If you do research online about different hosting providers, you’ll often see companies running promotional prices. WPEngine doesn’t offer discounts for promotions, the prices on the screen are the prices you pay.

With the first three packages you buy, WPEngine offers a 60 day money back guarantee. This lets users get a full refund if they’re not satisfied within that initial 60 day period.





Monthly Price
Custom Quote
Annual Price
Custom Quote
Up to 1 TB
Bandwidth/ month
Website Visits/ month
Number of sites

As the table shows, the startup plan is the most cost effective price plan offered by WPEngine. It’s created for small websites and blogs. For small businesses with low demand, this is the package to look at.

The growth plan shows a big increase in payments and with that a business gets access to more bandwidth and storage. It has enough resources available to let a site scale but not overload a website owner with functions that aren’t needed.

The scale plan also shows a big jump up in pricing and is best suited for sites that are big and growing quickly. Compared to the growth plan, there are no extra features with this package, the upgrade is mainly for extra resources.

The custom plan is designed for enterprise level businesses and sites that are critical to a businesses functioning.

Deciding on whether WPEngine is worth the cost will vary from website to website. Comparatively, the prices are a lot more expensive than some competitors, so for sites that are looking for the best value for money, then they should be looking for hosting elsewhere. For businesses that are also looking for service and features, then WPEngine could be a viable solution. The decision comes down to understanding a website and what its requirements are, once these are known, then it becomes a lot easier to understand what is the right hosting package to choose.